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The Man From UNCLE

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U.N.C.L.E. stood for the United Network Command for Law and Enforcement. They were the good guys. Their principle enemies were THRUSH (so evil in every way that they didn't even use periods in their acronym) which stood for the Technological Hierarchy for the Removal of Undesirables and the Subjugation of Humanity, a bunch of bad guys if ever there was one!

It was an intelligently written show and while not played for laughs or camp, it was lighthearted and often ironic. Some examples:

Napoleon Solo: [calling on the intercom] Illya, we have a situation here that needs your special talents. Are you free?
Illya Kuryakin: [from intercom] No man is free who works for a living. But I'm available.

Marcel Rudolph: You can't leave me here. They'll kill me.
Napoleon Solo: Not if you run fast enough.

Mr. Alexander Waverly: How is that leg of yours coming along?
Napoleon Solo: Healing faster than my dignity.

Napoleon Solo: [after her boss is killed] Isn't it common to follow your boss using the Japanese custom of Hara Kiri?
Tomo: You got the wrong century, Jack.


The Man from U.N.C.L.E. was an American spy-fiction television series. It followed secret agents, Robert Vaughn and David McCallum, who worked for a secret international counter-espionage and law-enforcement agency called U.N.C.L.E. The series was on from September 22, 1964, until January 15, 1968.

I never saw any of the episodes but have been a giant fan of Ducky and his buddies. I read that he was hired only for one episode as Ilya, and though he was the villain, he made such a hit they had keep him on the show.


Illya got captured by the bad guys, hung from chains against a dungeon wall, and tortured until he passed out. Napoleon Solo came for him but he got caught too. He was hanging from chains next to Illya when Illya woke up. He looked over at Napoleon and said, "I see you've come to rescue me."


best line from NCIS was when Kate wondered what Ducky looked like when he was younger, and Gibbs replied, "like a young Illya Kuryakin", it was priceless!