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Potpourri149 - Tiny - rj

36 pieces
126 solves
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Hi Robyn. I kept coming back to see if you had finally found my comment. I'm so glad you did. I know you enjoy solving mine, and now I get the opportunity to enjoy solving yours too. In fact, I'm going to be solving some right after I click on Post comment.


Well, welcome back Wendy. It can be time-consuming making and even solving puzzles. I can understand people taking time off or moving on to other things in life. You're very welcome for the comments. I enjoy your puzzles. :)) I don't want you to feel guilty about not responding to them though. I'll just figure you're busy with other things in life and that's okay. :))
Glad you enjoyed this puzzle and congrats on making the board!!! :D


Robyn, I love this puzzle. Since I didn't solve puzzles for well over a year, I forgot how much fun it was. This particular one is spectacular and I even made it on the board.

Now for something more serious. I was going to leave Jigidi for good, but then after two plus months, I decided to come back. While I was gone, I was still checking out comments on my puzzles but didn't want to 'touch down' to respond because I wanted to really wean myself off. Well, I saw some wonderful comments by you on my puzzles, and felt so guilty for not responding. Anyway, I'm here now to say thank you for those, and to say that I plan on solving lots of your small puzzles in the future. I'm zzzz now, but I was Wendy_13 and Wendy13. :-))))


Thank you, Mimi. I'm very happy that you love solving my puzzles. I never realized they were intriguing though. It's interesting how other people see them. :)) I guess it's different when you're the one creating it. I always think of each square as a little work of art. I love postage stamps too, for the very same reason. I never collected them but I was tempted to many times. I do enjoy the artwork on them and I love miniatures, too, so together, they were right up my alley... like these puzzles. :))


Hi Sue. I'm very glad you enjoyed the puzzle and especially the swirls. I miss Sachico and her puzzles, also. I loved solving them so much. Sigh. I'll have to make a few more with swirls so we can all enjoy them again.


It was wonderful indeed. I love these puzzles and you make them so intriguing! :))


Robyn--this was absolutely wonderful. Sachico/Tephanes made the most delightful puzzles with these little swirls and I have been missing her/them for several months now. It was so great to find them here. Thanks.


Thank you very much Julia. I'm so happy you enjoyed it. :))


Wow! A super winner! I had great fun with this. Thanks!