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Damp Star

49 pieces
103 solves
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You certainly seem to be making lots of new discoveries with LunaPic lately!!


Yes, you should have, before I started having palpitations! Sheesh! :-)))

Thanks so much, whatnauts! I discovered that using LunaPic to recolor a loony works better than using Paint--it colors the whole section more consistently. The reddish sections and the light green ones were added that way, to replace brown areas.


Most excellent puzzle and title!!


I should have said....the glue!......(wasn't my fault it hadn't dried).....


WHAT, exactly, came off your slippers? Pieces of my puzzle?! Again?? Are you an act of nature, sir, or just a klutz? Can I buy insurance to protect me from either of those, anyway?......... sigh........


My feet kept getting stuck.....luckily I had a bottle of Mrs.B's nail varnish remover in my waist-coat pocket, so it came of my slippers alright.....


Thanks so much, PJ--glad you enjoyed it!


Oh Pat - this is fabulous, shiny and great design. Dramatic and exciting colors.


Thanks so much, Ardy--I've really been having fun, and I've been pleased with the results, so I'm glad you like them, too!


I see what you mean about it having gotten damp and slightly discolored. Even so it is lovely and I like it a lot. Love what you've been doing with the colors this week. Thank you.


Actually, I thought it looked as if it had been left on a wet surface, and gotten damp, but that's a much better description of what the sections look like--you're so right! LOL! Thanks, Mandy!


Pat, such an excellent choice of title, which meant I had to solve this here and now to see it in full glory. But is it water drops, or did someone use too much glue!! LOL


I was afraid that the title might be off-putting, but once I thought of it, I couldn't resist it--thanks, Katie!


I wondered about this title; but when you can see the puzzle in it's finished size, then you see all the drops of water! Clever Pat!