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Homemade Grape Juice

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From Concord grape vines that are over 70 years old, this is the best grape juice I've ever had! This particular batch was made last Friday.
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  1. lordmojo7:48
  2. River13:06
  3. crashnot14:29
  4. Merrio17:35
  5. Poffassons18:37
  6. italofila19:27
  7. jignjw22:40
  8. jigidy23:24
  9. noneke628:36
  10. HorseGrammy1:00:24


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I think we make a pretty good pair, as I agree with everything you just said. In fact, when you first mentioned hybrids, my first thought was to bring up the fact that modern roses have no scent! While I'm on that subject, I have to say that some things completely escape me. Why in the world anyone develop a rose that has no scent?!! To me, roses look nice, but it is their scent that made them one of the most cherished flowers of all time. The roses they're making now are good for rose floats in parades, and that's about it! Why do we humans mess around with something that had been perfected over the millennia and think we can improve it? I'm sure there's an ancient Greek myth about that kind of hubris...

But enough of my anti-modern-rose rant. I'd be happy to bring some cuttings, or perhaps some actual starts. It would be great for our vines to have "children" living across the country!


Looking forward to your visit. Maybe you can bring some cuttings from that grapevine and help us find a good spot to plant it. You are correct about how by so many hybrids they have taken the flavor out of a lot of things. At least young people won't know the difference. Even roses don't have the fragrance of yore. It's amazing how you talk about the "good old days" when you are old. LOL Actually, I'm teasing, because every day is a good day when you wake up and know you have another day.



I'm so happy to hear you're making the move! True, it will be work, but think of how nice your new home will be. We can certainly catch up once you're back on wifi.

As I said in the write-up for this puzzle, this juice was made from Concord grapes. I don't know if you can find any old ones around, but if you do you can create a start from a cutting. I'm not an expert on doing that, but I know it doesn't take much effort. If you're just propagating more of your own vines, you can just put the growing end of a shoot into the ground and it will root. Then the vine becomes a new stalk. But if you can get a cutting from a neighbor, or someone you find that has OLD Concord grapes, I think that would be best.

It seems that so many new varieties of plants of all types are not as flavorful as the old ones. They've been crossbred to have great color, be big, look good and be shelf-stable. Flavor and nutritive value are just afterthoughts.

So find some old vines and transplant some cuttings. You won't be sorry! Neither will I. When I come for a visit, we can swap juices!

Please let me know when you're going offline. I'll be putting out good vibes that the construction goes well!


I'm jealous. Obviously, I've had this bookmarked for quite a bit. Grape juice is my favorite and the only kind I've ever had is Welch's that I can remember. I don't know if my taste has changed but the juice doesn't taste as good now as when I was a child. Now I'll be on a quest for good grape juice. For years I was on a butter quest - found it. I'm still on a bacon quest for peameal Canadian bacon - not cured or smoked. It's adventurous trying to repeat something you really enjoyed.

We have a Maine builder and the start date is the middle of May. I'll be off the internet during that time since we have no access there. As I'm sure you know, I'm really excited. Getting our current house ready to put on the market is overwhelming but it's going to be a wonderful adventure.


Thank you for sharing your story, @jignjw

What a treat it must have been to visit your grandfather! I know that fresh-made grape juice - especially when made from Concord grapes - is so much better than any juice you can get at a store. You're so right about the barrage on the senses that this juice produces - sight, smell, texture, flavor... even the sound as it pours in your glass is different!

I certainly consider myself lucky to have these wonderful grapes. You can appreciate that more than most...

Oh what a memory this puzzle triggered!! My grandfather made grape juice from Concord vines when I was very young. The intense fragrance, rich and sweet flavor, and wonderful color--yumm!! Thank you for the trip down memory lane!


Yes, I can see how pondering the flavor would be a distraction. In my case, it would delay me much longer than all of your other interruptions and hinderances!

...Mmmmm, homemade grape juice!!!!!!!!!!


Hey ElvisBananna,
It took me so long because I'm using just one hand and my curser is very slow and sticky. Also I think i got a phone call while working on this and didn't sign out.

It is my first time on ANY leader board!

I may have spent some time pondering the incredable flavor of this grape juice too.


Thanks, HorseGrammy!

I have to rib you a little bit. Your time isn't exactly stellar, but you're in the top FIVE! Wow, how does that happen? Look at the times. Currently, it drops from just under 8 minutes, then two that are just under 20 minutes. Next, a hair under a half-hour. Finally, you come in at a touch over an hour. There are currently seven times longer than yours.

I had no idea I'd created such a hard puzzle! Maybe I should do two things. 1) Solve this one and see how hard it really is, and 2) make a medium-sized version. I'll think on that, but I'm open to suggestions.


I agree that this is the best grape juice ever and this was a fun puzzle too.

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