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Homemade Grape Juice

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From Concord grape vines that are over 70 years old, this is the best grape juice I've ever had! This particular batch was made last Friday.


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Thank you for sharing your story, @jignjw

What a treat it must have been to visit your grandfather! I know that fresh-made grape juice - especially when made from Concord grapes - is so much better than any juice you can get at a store. You're so right about the barrage on the senses that this juice produces - sight, smell, texture, flavor... even the sound as it pours in your glass is different!

I certainly consider myself lucky to have these wonderful grapes. You can appreciate that more than most...

Oh what a memory this puzzle triggered!! My grandfather made grape juice from Concord vines when I was very young. The intense fragrance, rich and sweet flavor, and wonderful color--yumm!! Thank you for the trip down memory lane!


Yes, I can see how pondering the flavor would be a distraction. In my case, it would delay me much longer than all of your other interruptions and hinderances!

...Mmmmm, homemade grape juice!!!!!!!!!!


Hey ElvisBananna,
It took me so long because I'm using just one hand and my curser is very slow and sticky. Also I think i got a phone call while working on this and didn't sign out.

It is my first time on ANY leader board!

I may have spent some time pondering the incredable flavor of this grape juice too.


Thanks, HorseGrammy!

I have to rib you a little bit. Your time isn't exactly stellar, but you're in the top FIVE! Wow, how does that happen? Look at the times. Currently, it drops from just under 8 minutes, then two that are just under 20 minutes. Next, a hair under a half-hour. Finally, you come in at a touch over an hour. There are currently seven times longer than yours.

I had no idea I'd created such a hard puzzle! Maybe I should do two things. 1) Solve this one and see how hard it really is, and 2) make a medium-sized version. I'll think on that, but I'm open to suggestions.


I agree that this is the best grape juice ever and this was a fun puzzle too.