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Yes, they do retake the pressure, but the visits are generally short and not long enough to make a difference. Not that I think it would make much difference if I was there for an hour. I'm just nervous there - probably worried about something being wrong - the opposite of you!! And I guess it's really a syndrome and not a fever. Oh well, I'll just go to my markmarks now. LOL


Yes, it can be a problem my way--they didn't seem to believe me about this last spell of really high readings on my home machine, and insisted I bring it in to be tested by them. Well, it was virtually exactly the same reading (something like 137/76 versus 138/75, plus pulse rates were the same), so then they believed me...!

I hope they retake your pressure later in the visit, after you've been sitting quietly and talking a bit--most of the ones I see do do that, and I think it's a more realistic reading.


I suppose your situation is worse - because if it's always fine at the doc's, they often wouldn't inquire further. In the last 10 years, with an average of 2 visits per year, there's only been once that my BP was good at the doc's. Once the new doc is comfortable with this, things will go much smoother.


I have the opposite, actually--my blood pressure is always better in the doctor's office. I don't know why--maybe I feel safer there, knowing that I'm in a medical situation?! Weird! You are much more normal with that! I'm glad your BP is fine, and I hope your WCF does get better!


I don't know why I looked at this puzzle today, but I'm glad I did. My BP is fine, it turns out I have a severe case of white coat fever (WCF), but the doc still wants to do a 24 hour test - I don't when tho. I've always had WCF, but it's really bad with this new doc. I would guess it will get a little better over time.


I never saw your answer, whatnauts--sorry! I hope everything is going well with your pressure. Take care!


I'm just finishing up a 4 week stretch of tracking my blood pressure for the doc. I'm supposed to do it 3 or 4 times a day, but I'm lucky to remember twice each day. I'll be glad to get back to checking it every now and then!!

I sure hope yours stays under control. Like you said, you have a lot on your mind, so that certainly doesn't help.


Thank you both so much! I did go to the cardiologist, but my pressure had dropped by then, and so they have me taking it twice a day for two weeks before I go back. If it goes really high again, I'm to call sooner. I know "watchful waiting" is a good plan, but it can be nerve-wracking--which if course isn't good for the pressure! LOL!

I'm so glad you like the swirls, and I have many more to come! And I really can see strings of Christmas lights being rolled up--that's a nice image!


pat, hope you're feeling much better tomorrow. this swirl somehow reminded me of strings of christmas decorations when i was putting it together. weird?


Pat, take care of yourself! We love you AND your puzzles. You matter. Love these swirls, I work all that you post. 6:27 Thanks!


Thanks, whatnauts. It's morning here, and I woke up with a bad headache, and my blood pressure was still really high. It's dropped into a more normal range now, but, given the headache, I think I'm going to call the cardiologist and see what he thinks I should do. Probably just part of the stress I'm under, really... I appreciate your concern!


Sorry you're not feeling well - take care of yourself. Hope you're feeling better soon.


Well, sort of--but thanks! I haven't felt so great today--one of the doctors gave me an antibiotic after a catherization, which made me so nauseous all day, and for some reason my blood pressure was so much higher than normal. I solved maybe 6 or 7 puzzles all day--I just couldn't think straight, feeling really out of it and unable to concentrate--I dread going back over the comments I tried to post today, and seeing what inanities I wrote... Anyway, I hope I do better tomorrow! Hang in there with me, please!


Very nice :)


Thanks, Mandy--this is one of the better swirls I've drawn as far as emphasizing the swirl goes--now if I can only remember how I did that...!


Pat, this is wonderful, and I love the way you've added a black line to accentuate the swirliness of the swirl :)


Thanks, Barb--I should have a saner one tomorrow, I hope! :-)


I agree with Ardy .... I look for your swirls each day. Love to solve them. :-)

Would like this in more pieces. Thank you.


Thanks, Jan and Katie--this is that effect I get from recoloring something I saved as a jpeg. I'm glad it was fun!

Very funny, Jon! LOL!


I'm guessing one was the eye doctor.....


Super puzzle Pat! Thanks! Hope your appts. went well this morning.


Love it - great fun, especially the fuzziness.


Thanks so much, Ardy! I got a really late start posting today, due to doctors in the morning, so I didn't post on both profiles, and just put up one-off puzzles, but tomorrow I hope to post a normal swirl!


I think your swirls are my favorite puzzles of yours, Pat. Thanks, This one is great too.