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Near Oceanside, OR - Yesterday! *link to small below

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135 solves
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You are so welcome! It is always nice to recapture memories of good times past! I'm glad I helped! Jan


These are gorgeous pictures, JiggyBelle-makes me want to go back even more (I'd even take some clouds with it just to be near the ocean again!) Thanks!


Kirsten, from the other side, we discovered there were three of them and one of them was U shaped. Unfortunately we were photographing into the sun and it didn't work at all!

Francine, it is beautiful. I wish you could see it "live!" You are so welcome.


Trudy - I got lucky with the perfect day! But, thank you so much! You know something about beautiful coastlines in Washington, too!

Ardy - thank you! It was really a perfect getaway! We loved it!


Jan, thanks for sharing these photos with us. Beautiful spot.


I love those big boulders out in the water, Jan. What an amazing coast line you have. And thanks for sharing it with us. :)))


Beautiful, Jan. Thanks for sharing. I'm so glad you got these few days of beautiful weather and enjoyment.


You take great pictures, Jan. Thanks for sharing them. The Pacific NorthWest offers many photo ops (despite our rain) but not everyone captures the beauty so well.


Thanks, Ank! I know all about wanting to do many puzzles. I haven't had time here at the coast and my bookmarks are way too many! So, I go both ways on puzzle size. thanks!!


Thanks, Jan and Ank. As I said, I love the med to large puzzles for me to work but I post mainly 35 piece for others to work. And I rarely do 300 or over--too much sitting and too much time. The way we are doing it works just fine!


Wow, what a photo, beautiful.
JC don't say sorry, I can understand. And it is not that I don't like larger puzzles, when I started Jigidi, I only did the 200-300 pieces. The problem is that I run out of time all the time. I want to visit a lot of friends and I want to solve as many as I can. You see, that's my problem. And Jan or JC if you want Puzzles of me with more pices, just ask. Hugs


JC - for some reason, when it is an outdoor shot, I like them bigger, too! This darn thing could go to 350, but I try not to get carried away!! Thanks for the feedback! :D


Beautiful photo, Jan. And thanks for keeping these puzzles larger! I love the medium to large size. (Sorry Ank.)


For the 30 pc puzzle (Ank's size)