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5 Cubes... 4 Corbs... 3 Shades of Purple... 2 Invisible Elephants... And A Partridge In A Pear Tree.... (S)

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LOL Mimi, y'all are pretty witty today... I love it... Means you're feeling good.... Have a super duper Christmas.... :) :)


Thank you lajuin, I see you found him... He's not very good at playing Hide and squeak.... :) :)


The corbs are all quite loverly, but I don't think you should have hidden the lime green one in the back!


Very nice and I didn't find the elephants, but I did see the blue mouse.


Sally, thanks for Sally response.


Thank you, monza006... Since they are being so ignored... It's the last time I'll put invisible elephants in any of my puzzles.... All elephants aside, I appreciate your lovey comment.... :) :)


Sally, this is an amazing puzzle... I love your creativity, and I didn't know what Corbs were.. .but I've worked it out.... love 'em!!! I'm going to ignore the elephants.. LOL


LOL riveroad... Love your sense of humor... Someone for sure drank the eggnog... And found a third invisible elephant... Hard to ignore them, when the ROOM is so full of them..... Thanks for joining in... These folks will make you laugh and cry and think outside the box/cube.... :) :)

Knowing you're a lover of swirls, I would guess you'd pick that one.... Pleased you liked all the Blurple... As for the elephants.... What elephants???

Thanks Francine, that Robbie, you never know what his fertile imagination will see in a puzzle.... (Secretly, I think he's been in the eggnog or chookie's moonshine).... Regarding the other Sally... We have not heard anything, have asked around to no avail... The last we heard, she had moved and was having major internet problems... We too hope she's OK, as this is the time of year when Momma Sally died last year, she's bound to be feeling Momma Sally's loss more acutely right now....

Well looky here... Our pumpkin has been into Shirley's vegemite... Everyone knows it helps you solve puzzles faster... If you can get it past your taste buds.... You got her by two seconds.... Onya, mate.....


There are actually THREE invisible elephants (I can see them!) , and the partridge is sitting on the trunk of the elephant on the left.


Quite lovely and definitely oodles of fun to solve. Enjoyed reading everyone's comments too. Measles!! Though do see kiwikaryn's shy elephant. Thanks Sally. (1:53)
[BTW, I haven't asked before, but would you know if our other Sally (SallyandSally) is okay?]


Lovely puzzle SMor - all the blue and purple makes for a wonderful puzzle. In this instance, I'm partial to the blue swirly cube. (And I'm ignoring the elephant(s) in the room - hahaha.)


It's true then, everyone DOES ignore the elephant in the room, eggnog not withstanding. Or maybe the elephants drank the eggnog.


Thanks, Shirley, I think our Jigidi friends have started early on the Egg Nog, but we love them anyway.... Glad you enjoyed.... Looking forward to your post tomorrow... You be careful while you're out and about... Merry Christmas, mate.... (Which we'll probably tell you several more times before it gets here...).... :) :)


Drats, I hoped the measles would go unnoticed.... I'll get even with that little kid.... Elephants, mate, are not irrelevant if they're standing on your toes.... Thanks, Robbie, for your delightful visions of.... well, just for your delightful visions.... Merry Christmas to you and Jenny.... :) :)


Hi Sally, I don't no what's in the water, our jigidi friends have been drinking, but the elephants are definitely invisible, I do see the Corbs, and Cubes, but no Partridge, glad you started on the 5th day and not the 12th, jokes aside, this is a great puzzle Sally, and fun to solve, Thanks Sally. :) :)

You will not believe what I have just finished creating, I have got to go away tomorrow, but should find time to post before I go, a lot of it is recycled. :)


The elephants are irrelevant.......they are invisible!! I see the others but also three medallions, two with dogs and one with a rabbit hopping all in the grey and mustard corb. The Partridge flew away just as I arrived! The picture has measles!! Thanks for the fun SMor, enjoyable puzzle.


Oh my, at a lost for words, isn't that a rarity? I'm privileged to have been one of few to have caused this phenomenon... You could ask kiwikaryn, she saw one of them, or at least claims to have... I was sure they were both invisible... The swirly blue is a cube... The solid colo/ur ones are 'Corbs' , cubed orbs... If Jill can have 'Sqorbs' and 'Sworbs', then I can have 'Corbs'... I rest my case.... :) :)

Well,...well,.....Hmmmm..... Am at a loss for words - it is lovely and especially that swirly blue cube or corb near the back but I still can't find those dang elephants.


Drats!! I wasn't wearing my glasses when I counted them... You have great powers of observation... Have you considered a career with the Government.... Thanks for stopping by, kiwikaryn, (Are you really a Kiwi?)... and giving me a big smile... Good onya, mate.... :) :)


Well SMore2Ditto, I agree with most of the description, and yes I may have a vivid imagination, but I do believe there is only 1 invisible elephant! Is that not a head shot of an elephant in the blue box with yellow eyes? Hmm maybe my overactive imagination. Lol. Great puzzle. Cheers