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What's Its Name?

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138 solves
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Another group hug to Wendy, Chrissie, Kirsten, Sally, and Rosie. I've been answering comments and emails and then saw this wonderful outpouring of messages. I want to write something special to each of you, but, alas, my energy fadeth yet again. You guys sure like Neco Wafers, poker chips, colour chips. Hmmm. How about potato chips? Now that's really dumb. Shame on me for letting that escape. Take care, each and every one of you until I can talk individually to each of you. Thanks for the support and uplifting comments. That's the best thing you could do. :-))


Loverly and fun. Beautiful Neco Wafers and a picture in a picture in a picture. Thanks for the fun and great colors. Rosie


Yep, please take care Judy... Your puzzles and wit are worth the wait... :) :)) :)))


Beautiful. That's what its name should be!!

And you rest up, and don't worry about us. We'll still be here when you get back. :))) Take care, Judy.


It's the world's first square roulette wheel!

I really like the subtle colours in this one as well as the great design. You are having fun learning, Judy.
Don't worry about replying to comments. We understand you need to rest up. Have to keep energy in reserve so you can play some more later :-)


Necco Wafers Round the Rim. I don't know what else those could possibly be, Judy. LOL


Edie, Mandy, PJ, Whatnauts, and Sally, just this once I need to give you a big huge group "thank you" from the botttom of my heart. I've needed to take some time off again and have run out of steam after making a puzzle, with another to be posted by tomorrow...I hope. Not doing great, but my spirits are high from reading all of your lovely comments. To be truthful, I had no idea what to do so just worked from the outside in and that's what came about. Fairly easy, but I'll accept all of your praise. Hope I can talk individually with each of you soon. Thx for understanding. :-))


Perfect colors... Fun shapes.... I do like your style and your 'What's it's Name'... Haven't seen a 'What's it's Name' in a long time... Especially one with such lovely 3D framing... Thanks so much, Judy.... :) :)) :)))


This is terrific, Judy. I love the Easter eggs in the centre.


Very elegant Judy - to me it's like a picture within a picture within....
Very nice composition.


A lovely soothing ring of blues and mauves, thanks Judy - I hope everything is OK your end - I'm assuming you are learning from tutorials and creating doodles... I hope I'm right!!


The ring of colours reminds me of the paint colour chips that you pick up from a paint store when you're trying to decide on what colour to paint a room. It's like a pallet of mauves and blues. Very enjoyable Judy. Thank you so much.


Thanks, Barb. I had no ideas for a name, but I wanted to post it. The brain/imagination didn't kick in. I really thank you, because this is my first puzzle after a few days of rest. I surely do appreciate your input. Oh, I did several of your puzzles and regret not leaving a comment. It was either solve several puzzles or one or two with comments. I gleefully, and I guess a bit selfishly, decided not to leave comments. Your puzzles are just what I'm looking for, and you never disappoint. please know how much I appreciate them!


Not sure what to call it, sort of reminds me of poker chips. Whatever it may be, Judy, it's a pretty design and I love the colour combination! :-)


Good One!!! Say, Cactuspatch, do you live anywhere New Mexico? Just wondering because of your username. Love your avatar.


Round And Round, where you stop, no ones knows???