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One angry fellow !

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This moth put on quite the display of shivering and shaking after getting touched ...


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You give way to much credit, Kat ! But I thank you for the flattery ! I think I better not give up my day-job just yet ! LOL ! I was already last year after all these eye-catching moth we have every summer around here. They sit on our walls or walk-way and wait for me to come with my camera ! ;o) Please check out page 15 and 16 for more. The one that I called 'Little Star fighter' is actually a Humming bird moth. I caught it later drinking out of flowers just like a Hummer, except these moth have tongues that are rolled up like a hose. If that moth wouldn't have gone to the wrong color of flower, I would have thought it to be a Hummer ! Thank you for your compliments my friend !


Oh, Puzzles . . . this is truly a photo that could be entered in a contest . . . and which would definitely take a prize! This is just gorgeous. Upon assembling the puzzle and blowing it up, it's even possible to see the hairs on his antennae. Truly amazing and what a beautiful specimen. I love close-ups of flowers but I most especially love the close-up photos of moths and butterflies. The symmetry of their intricate wing designs is incredible. Thank you so very much for such a lovely photo and resultant puzzle. Methinks you may have stumbled upon not merely a hobby but a second career (just what you need, I know :). Best to you and this time, congratulations on a GREAT JOB!!! Kat