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Sad Memories for Old Frontiersman

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by Alfredo Rodriguez


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Another masterpiece by Rodriguez, so powerful in that it could be interpreted different ways.
"The world breaks everyone; and afterward many are strong in the broken places".
Ernest Hemingway

Thank you, gnt, I so agree with oddio, I'd love to have a copy of this painting along with a dozen or so more of Rodriguez in our home. :))


I would cover the walls of every room with this guy's paintings. Thanks, gnt.


Thanks for stopping by and for the comments chickie, Pat..hugs, Rockys, Monica, roseheather....


It could be sadness, or consternation.

He could be reading news of some young one, someone who just doesn't listen, and wondering when that one will grow up and not act like a dang fool. That is what I read into the expression.


AAWW! He looks so very sad, the poor old frontiersman, I just hate to see a man sad like that! What's worse is when they cry, it just breaks my heart to see any man cry! Nice one gnt, I really love Alfredo Rodriguez's work!


What a fantastic painting! So many emotions evident on his furrowed brow. The detail is amazing, as usual in a painting by Alfredo Rodriguez.


Gorgeous thanks gnt for posting... Hugs


Awsome, awsome detail! Even hair on the top of the fingers. Thanks gnt.


Thank U so much pg, warbler appreciate the comments


You got it just right, gnt. A very touching moment. In detail. Thanks


A letter from home. How sad he looks while reading this letter gnt. You can feel it and see it in his eyes. Thank you for posting this set it was a great one.


Thank U Patsyanne, bentleyd


definately draws you into his sadness. Not a lot of artists can do that. Thanks so much Gene:-))

Nothing to forgive, my friend. I think we all felt as you did. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.


thank U all.....I must confess about this is by A. R. but the title on top came from my heart as I looked into the face of that old man I saw sadness and felt that way so I wrote on top what I was feeling from the painting....this painting only had a number no title....hope U understand and forgive me for that...but like Robbiel says it draws out emotions...


Another great painting, gnt. Thank you. I love the artist's use of light!

You can feel the sadness, Thanks gnt.


This is such a moving picture gnt, this artist is so skillful that he draws our emotions right in with the Old Man. Excellent puzzle, thanks mate.


Rodriguez is an amazing talent.