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Roerick you got to be healthy as a horse. I grew up in a city and everything was processed, frozen or greasy. amazing some of us are still alive.
Jan, are you telling me you are a funny creature? NO!


None of us kids would eat it growing up---we didn't like it at all. My mom and grandmom were great cooks and gardeners so we always had homemade with either fresh tomatoes or canned tomatoes for the sauce with homemade pasta. And my family all hunted and fished so we had all of our own frozen meat and fish during the winter and fresh during the rest of the winter. My folks even bought live chickens and my Dad killed and plucked those things clean. We had feathers all over the basement of the house for a month after he did that. I never ate a farm raised turkey until after I got married. I was lucky growing up--no processed foods in that house.


I'm jealous of Edie! LOL
And, no, Jan I didn't! It just made me crave it more! (humans are funny creatures - -at least this one is!)


A great trip through time, BJ!


Jan your Mom was smart and you turned out healthy right?
Doglover I find that most men are meat and potato eaters, I love that too.
2dogs, Oh its a shame you grew up on salmon, what a treat that would have been for me, yummy
Pink, you still remember what you ate on Tuesday nights, what about Sundays, it is usually the best meal of the week. Ours was usually friend chicken in a dutch oven with mashed potatoes.


We always had it on Tuesday nights when dad was at Rotary. Loved it.


I remember it but my grandmother was a great cook and the only can I can ever remember in our house growing up was salmon.


My dad was a meat and potato man - wouldn't allow that in our house.


Yep, and I wanted to eat it. Mom said no....not healthy. :(


Yup and was sort of tasty.


That I do remember thanks..