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Pastel Abstracts - KaleidoBOARDS!

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PJ - I use a mac, not a pc. And there is a collage making program (Turbo Collage) that does that for me! It is not a secret at all. I have found that most puzzlers are using a pc and so they use Lunapic and others.
One of these days I will take the time to learn how to vary the backgrounds on my images!


Dear Jan. We love your puzzles - you are bringing new things in other puzzles, so as long as we like to solve them ... Experimenting with kaleidos is one thing - bur I don't know how you find the board framing. Is it on Lunapic or is it your artistic secret?


I am so glad, Pat! Thank you.


Love it thanks Jan


Gail - You are so correct. Now that I look at it, it reminds me of the Mexican blank puzzles I did ages ago. How funny! Thanks so much!!


PJ - What on earth do you mean? You have made many wonderful kaleidoscopes. You have varied your style over and over and made fresh new looks. I, on the other hand, have stuck with the same type of Kaleido over and over. So, today I branched out a bit and those who have done my puzzles for 10 months recognized it immediately. I am a bit chagrined that I had become so predictable!! :D


Wonderful bright colors. It looks like some Mexican art.


Gorgeous, Jan. Your comment to Hanne and Pat was very interesting since I know nothing of making kaleido boards. Your "result puzzle" is terrific.


I don't know if you are familiar with the Art Deco pottery of Clarice Cliff , but these designs remind me of her work. Lovely and, as Pat says, bold and striking! :-)


Hanne and Pat - These are different than my normal kaleidos. First of all, the base image was a watercolor/pastel mix to give it a grainier texture. Next, the image had fewer details to work with, which makes them "simpler" images. And finally, I "dialed down" the kaleido-maker, so that it was making images with different style points and more asymmetry.

I am glad you liked the effects!!! Thanks so much!!


Ardy and Katie and Sissel - Thank you all so much! The idea that you all had fun with these makes me very happy!! :))


I agree with Hanne--there is something different about these... Maybe the number of points is fewer, or the patterns are simpler, or most of them are not really symmetrical, but I love then! They're very bold and striking! And the colors are fabulous!


They are so very different, Jan, what have you used to make them?? Just curious!! Thanks so very much!!


Beautiful set today :-)


Yeah, what Ardy said. I do love these!


Just great, Jan. So pretty and so enjoyable. Thank you.