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Bílá ruze 2 - white rouse for Angel

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90 solves
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Of the white rose in a vase I had developed this rose in my garden. She makes me happy already 7.5 years


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Hello Erna, my father loved roses, they have a full garden, now I raise I. I'm glad you like it. I wish a Happy New Year to you and yours :-))


Hi Denise, my birthday is in may, I put roses into the ground around 15. June, the autumn have they a green leaves and the next year bloomed Roses , and I've they 7,5 year, thank you :-))


Hi Angel,the bouquet I got a birthday present from my brother, the neighbor 80 yars old, told me , when the rose're going to bleed down and give her a deep into the ground in the shade, that they grows up, so I tried it with all and she grew up white and also the pink, thank you


Hello Jana , love you white Tea Roses... I had yellow Tea Roses the are just so very pretty....I'm live in Canada, in the Okanagan / the province of British Colombia... welcome to the World of Puzzles !
Happy New Year to you !! Erna Weis


How long did it take to root? its a lovely healthy bush:-)

Thank you, Jana. How did you know white roses are my favorite? You are so lucky to get a rose to start from a rose in a bouquet. They treat them with something so they will not make roots! I don't know if the grower/shipper, or the florist shop does that. Maybe I will keep trying since you were successful.


Thank you for the nice comments Books AndPuzzle, Gnt 1041 and Texasstar7 :-))


Very nice. I admire you being able to start one from a bouquet! Thanks.




You have done a good job because it looks very healthy!