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Shay Shay models his new Thunder Jacket

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Yes Eyes, Shay Shay can hear the storms, and he wakes us up, but by then he is all wound up. We put the jacket on him and he calms down, but not so much that he falls asleep.

JM--bought one of these for my little freak--Dachshund. At first, I thought it was working--but not so much, anymore. We've had it for more than a year--and, like you, I'd start scrambling in the middle of the night. Problem is--she can hear ithe thunder before we can...and then it's too late! She's a real nut case! Hope Shay Shay continues to respond positively! Good luck! :D


So far this Thunder Jacket has been working for Shay Shay.
The problem I have is when the thunder comes late at night and by the time I can get up and get it on him, he is already very upset and I have to calm him down. But I think the jacket works !


My friend just got one for her dog - they had a close lightning strike & he's been scared ever since. Will be interesting to see if it works.


The Thunder Jacket