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International Plant Appreciation Day celebrates the many benefits of plants in our homes, places of work, and outside. Plants belong to the Plantae kingdom which includes trees, mosses, ferns, herbs, grasses, vines, bushes, and green algae.

The main feature of a plant is their green colour which is a result of a pigment called chlorophyll. People who study plants are called botanists. The benefits of plants are many and include:

~ provide the air that you breath as they change the carbon dioxide in the air into oxygen
~ provide food and drink (i.e. tea, basil, cinnamon, cayenne, garlic, lemon)
~ increase humidity
~ provide shade and break the wind
~ help lower noise levels
~ proven to increase worker productivity and attendance
~ improves the look of your property (inside and out)

On this April 13th, appreciate your plants. Notice them more. Identify them. Tell your kids what species the plants they see every day are. Learn how to take care of them. Learn how much water they need, how much sun, what kind of fertilizer is best for them. You'll feel better. Your plants will feel better. The Earth will feel better. And so will all of her inhabitants - animal, vegetable, and mineral.

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Pass you knowledge and appreciation of plants to someone who is not yet so wise, Hanne!!


But Mandy, I always appreciate them - what shall I do? Thanks so very much!!


Thanks PJ - you may not have green thumbs, but you create very cute flowers!!

That's shame Rosie, that your indoor plants don't thrive... it must have more to do with environment since you were able to grow them previously... but having home grown veggies sounds wonderful... that's what I would love to be able to do :~)))

Thanks Jan - I'm delighted that you and so many others are enjoying the information too !!


GREAT puzzle! Wonderful plant choices, too. Love the informational elements that you give us. Thanks so much, Mandy!


Thanks for another great WK puzzle, Mandy. Love it! I've always had lots of indoor plants until I moved where I'm living now. Everything I've tried to grow doesn't thrive and eventually dies off. But I have been able to grow great veggies outdoors so I guess it's a tradeoff. Rosie


Thank you Mandy for another fine and fun reminder - I've got no green thumbs, but I do appreciate plants.


Thank you Magda - I fail in the green finger/thumb class too!! Some plants grow well for me, but on the whole they don't... it may just be that I put them in the wrong places!!


Thank you Mandy, for another lovely educational puzzle. The pictures are beautiful, I know most of them, but don't ask me the names. I love flowers, but somehow they don't love me too green thumb.


A very little one then, Edie... I'd guess about a year or just under!!

Thanks Katie, I love to make hanging baskets when the weather is warmer, as we don't really have any "beds" for planting - summer still seems a very long way off!!

Very sensible, whatnaus, planting things that don't need much care... it gives you more time for other things!!!


I'm not very good with plants either, so it's good the ones in my yard don't need much care. Thanks for the puzzle.


This is a wonderful day Mandy! I've never been very good with indoor plants, but I have lots outdoors - trees, shrubs and flowers. I eagerly await warmer temps and sunshine so I can plant some colorful annual flowers!


Yes, I'm in my Oma's arms.


What a lovely idea Edie, I guess you are one of the little ones??

Thanks Sissel, glad you enjoyed it:~)

Thanks John, nice to see you today!


Nice plants and thanks for the info. jb:-)))


Beautiful collage - thanks :-)


Yes I know it is and it prompted me to post this avatar picture of her as a young mother. She was very beautiful.


Thanks Barb - I'm glad you enjoyed the collection (I don't have a clue what most of them are!!) LOL!! I just revel in their amazingness!!

Lucky you Aggie, having the sun today... we've had some, but today is cold and wet!! I hope your lovely tulips arrive soon!! Thanks for visiting :~)

Edie, that's a lovely story, and I won't apologise for making you cry... crying is healing and helps to release the pain and sadness you still feel - I'm sure a time will come when you remember with joy.


When my mother passed away I inherited several of her plants one of them being a Christmas cactus. Since I've had it, it has bloomed every year in early November. The buds always coming out at the end of October right around her birthday. I tell my kids that it's Grandma saying hi to us all. Thanks Mandy for reminding me of this even though it made me cry.


Lovely variety of plants here, Mandy. Fascinating to think just how much plants provide us. Thanks for a wonderful WK puzzle. :-)


Ardy, that's wonderful - I love plants, but I seldom know what they are, or how best to care for them! I used to have several angel wing begonias in my office (when I worked in one) and also spider plants that flourished, but I don't have any plants any more - although I am plant sitting for my daughter who inherited one from her paternal grandmother... I don't know what it is and it never seems to do anything!!


Mandy, I talk to my plants every day. When I first came to where I am now I rented a room from a family who over the years became my family. When the house needed to be sold I bought it. I didn't want to move. Along with the house is a plant, an oxalis, that was given to my friend's mother as a wedding gift. My friend would have been 101 this year. The plant is older than she by several years. I used to have a lot of spider plants in my library at school along with many other plants. I even had an aloe that bloomed. Thanks, Mandy for another great puzzle and helpful information.