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Fishy Flower? or Flowery Fish?

48 pieces
95 solves
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LOL! Thanks for the very fun image!!


ROFL!!! :D Maybe Maggie will keep the ninja monkeys busy so they wont bother you. In her own way she is keeping you safe. ;)


Now I am afraid to enter the dark rooms in my house. I peer around carefully and carry a large flashlight in case they attack. Oh, wait.....I have that famous attack dog, Maggie the Border Collie. Oops! she just rolled over on her back for belly rubs.....not a good sign! Oh well! Maybe next time! (who knew ninja monkeys liked to pet dogs?) LOL


Hey, I see the stretching gymnasts too! But beware of the elusive ninja monkeys Jan. They could be hiding anywhere. LOL


Lindsay - All I see inside are the stretching gymnasts......and there are a lot of them. But, the ninja monkeys may be deliberately hiding from me. LOVE your descriptions! Thanks SO much!


I see 5 red headed monkeys with big yellow mustaches. (Their heads are around the edge and the blue, green and pink teardrops are their bodies. They even have arms and legs.) Actually they are kind of evil looking monkeys or maybe they're ninja monkeys. Anyways fun puzzle and cool design. Thanks Jan.


Ardy - Computer joys! I have done that. I have also forgotten post comment a hundred times. I have started a puzzle, forgot to hit pause and returned to find all my work gone. Oh well. :)
Thanks for coming back!

Diane - Thank you so very much! :D))

Don - What a fabulous compliment! I have decided, right here and now, to creative a folder for possible wall art. Thanks so much!!

Gail - electric amoebas! That sounds like a good name for a rock band! Love your description! Thanks!!


It looks like a gorgeous electric amoeba to me!


Well, I don't see fish or flower. But it's a beautiful, spectacular, electric kaleido! This would be another great one to hang on the wall!


This puzzle is magnificent. Thank you so much. DIANE FROM N.J.


Jan, I did this probably an hour ago but my foot kicked a cable and turned off the keyboard. By the time I unplugged and replugged the keyboard and rebooted and had to take care of the laundry I didn't get back to tell you I really like this design and love the lacy edging until now. Thanks. It's beautiful.


Thanks so mjuch, Magda! :D


Whatever it is, it's a beauty. Thanks.