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For Dilubreuer

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My big eared cutie. Sorry it was a little dark when we took this. Lady Jane is a mini-schnauzer.


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Your Lady Jane is a little cutie, Julie. Re OhBoi, I now view his posts through different eyes and appreciate his work. As i said, I don’t know how to make a puzzle, but i did make and dress, including headwear, the two dolls in my avatar. I thought you might like to see some of my craftwork, if so just click on my name. Hope you like them. Fay.❤️


Such a cutie. :-))
Thanks for sharing and for puzzle.


I can understand - your big cutie. I have one big love too - Ashan-hu. She is one chinese - nude.


How rude of me. Thanks Lunie and els2 for the visit and comments.


Thank you so much Maria. It breaks my heart to go to our local shelter and see the results of irresponsible people. I'm a HUGE fan of spay & neuter.


what a cutie!
I post all adoptable dogs & cats on FB & here :-) in hopes of finding them homes
also, education & offering support to all pet owners.


She is even cuter than the one i posted yesterday julie! Thanks so much!


I enjoyed it, too.