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Kaleidos made from ...... Silk Hand Fans!! ~ Medium

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I made these kaleidoscopes from freely available images of silk hand fans. I use a variety of programs to make my kaleidoscopes, recolour the backgrounds and assemble them into a collage. Each collage takes around 2 hours to make.

It gives me immense pleasure making them, and I hope it gives you pleasure solving them. :-)


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That's easy to explain, Dagmar. I work. And I Jigidi! That's it. You have a family with loads of the commitments that family brings. But I have Duncan who has lots of his own interests, which leaves me to mine. However, having said that, I need to bring about some life-balance. It's not good for my physical health to just Jigidi in all my non-work time. So I may need to make some more adjustments to my posting habits in the future! :)))


I never know how you do it all anyway, the posting, commenting and solving, during the week - and it seems at weekends as well - I hardly have the time to go anywhere except my place to answer the comments, so it always takes me three days longer than anybody else to know about something if I ever notice in the first place. :))


Well, hello RW!!! And don't I know what you mean! I've done bugger-all solving in the last week. And if I'd done more, I probably would have noticed that you didn't post yesterday. I'm sorry that I didn't notice. My bad. :((

So now we're even. I listened to you, and you listened to me. LOL And I hope you have a better day today, then yesterday. :))))


Good evening Kirsten, I finally made it back to Jigidi, I really don't know why I think that weekends will be better than weekdays LOL, every weekend I want to catch up in Jigidi things start to go wrong. And yesterday I didn't even manage to post. I would have loved to to this beauty in the bigger size, but then I will never catch up, because I really want to see them all. I suppose I should do them in the smallest size but they just don't taste of anything, so lets see if I manage in the larger size this morning. :))
Thanks for a lovely puzzle in my morning and listening to all my complaints. :))
I hope that you had a nice Tuesday and that you will have an agreeable evening. :))


Thanks Mariasha! I'm sorry to hear about your root canal. I'm pleased to say I've never had one myself. The worst dental work I've had done is a couple of fillings and the removal of my wisdom teeth. But I was a complete wimp about having that done, and had it done under a general anaesthetic. The thought of hearing the work being done, and possibly feeling it was too much for me to contemplate. LOL

Hope you have plenty of strong pain relief to hand. And take care. :)))

I love fans, I loved this puzzle, and for 6:26 I was distracted from the darn root canal I had today! Thanks for the help.


Thanks Jan! I'm thrilled you were number 100 too. You should get something for that really. Like a frequent solver bonus or something. I'll have to talk to my Marketing and Promotions people about it. No. Wait. Isn't that you? Hmmmmmm. I'm starting to see a problem. LOL


Kirsten - I am proud to be your 100th solve on the gorgeous puzzle. What a beauty! LOVE the blue and lavender kaleidos. But, all are so detailed and lovely. You have made a silky little keeper here! Thanks so very much! 5:24