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Friesland, Towns and villages, Akkrum.

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Folkert Kuipers, born in 1843 in Akkrum, emigrated at age 22 to the U.S.. He called himself as Frank Cooper and married Netty the Graaf. He earned a fortune as co-owner of stores in Chicago and New York. Folkert remained loyal to Akkrum. The poor conditions of the elderly in 1900 were in, made ??him decide to poor old inhabitants of Akkrum and surroundings giving a good shelter.
In 1900 he founded Coopersburg, a building with 22 apartments located in a beautiful park. The inhabitants paid no rent and got a weekly allowance sharp. The Foundation Coopersburg was an early example of elderly care.
Today, the building is of a house foundation and Coopersburg inhabited by young an old.
In the garden of Coopersburg is a beautiful mausoleum where the founder and his wife are buried in 1907.


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Indeed, I would many more people did. Here in NL also poor people are not really poor. Everyone can live in a house and if you are not able to make money you can receive benefits. Then you are not rich, but there is enough to live. But there are so many people also in the USA who can use this kind of help.


I did the close up of the first. It is a beautiful building and puzzle. And it is so nice to hear of someone who has money and thinks of others, too.


Hi Lorna Jan and Cathy. Yes Lorna this is that building. And now you can see that I had to wait with my answer. No sinkholes here Jan, throw your money away, and move in. lol. Cathy he did. He was a great man.


Wonderful picture! Thank you Ank. Ank a great story! Yes, he really made a diffenence!


Never would have thought. Let us get poor and move in. HA HA Bet no sinkholes here.


This is the building I asked you about in yesterdays collage isn't it? That the legacy of a man who remained loyal to his homeland, even though he emigrated at a very young age, continues to live on is just wonderful. Thank you Ank for telling the story, and I look forward to seeing more of this lovely building.


Thanks girls, it's a great story.
Ardy I knew you would like this, yes we have homeless too. But I'm sure that's different here as with you. These people choose for it. In NL no one have to be homeless. Even not when you have to leave your house because you can't pay it. Our social system is very good, probably too good. It also makes some people lazy. It is good that it exists, but better control would be good.
This man was real good, in that time poor people were really poor. Tomorrow I place an other photo of this building with a better view on it. With this photo I could show better how large it is. I also made some photos around the house and of the Mausoleum. I will show them these days.


Thank you, Ank, for directing me to this story. What a difference he made in the lives of many people. There is such a need not only for the elderly but also for the homeless. Don't know if you have them in Europe but we do here in the US.


He was a man with a heart in the right place, thank you so much Ank and I wish the whole world, that such people were more :-)))))


Mooi verhaal zeg. en een prachtig pand. Zoiets zouden meer rijken moeten doen.


What a fabulous story, Ank!! Thanks for telling it!!


Good morning/afternoon Denise Aggie Sandy Jana and Sissy. It's really a beautiful building. And I think it's great what the man did. I think the old people who could live there thought they experienced a fairytale.


Wonderful story .. Thanks Sis for a great set today...


Very nice story and abeautiful building, thank you very much my friend, HUGS :-)))))))))))))


Wonderful and beautiful place Ank. Thanks


Good morning Ank:-)) Wonderful story behind this beautiful building. Have a lovely day:-)))HUGS


Thanks Shirley. It looks lovely and I like the story very much. I wonder of some of our American friends know about him and the stores.


Thank you, Ank for the story behind this beautiful building, they really are very nice units.