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Dnes ráno pohled z okna na krmítko pro ptáky for Denise

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This morning, look out the window feeder for birds


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vam taky hezky den, nam tady v Melbourne nesnezi vubec, na snih musime nahoru do hor asi 2 hodiny autem


Dekuju Karkulko, my tu máme zimu, ale uz se tesím na jaro, hezký den.


Thank you Trish, I also also glad I met you, I live in the Czech Republic - Central Europe and now the freezing, windy, and we have 25 cm of snow, the spring is already really looking forward, I wish you a nice day in Texas :-))


moc hezky puzzle, my ted mame leto


Hey there Jana, nice to meet you! i am Trish. i live deep in the heart of Texas, and we rarely get snow. hope you are staying nice and toasty over there! Come on Spring! ;)


Thank you Trish for trying to translate, my name is Jana, I'm glad you like my puzzle.


thanks for the lovely snow scene janazlouky! i just translated your title with's translator. i guessed Czech and it instantly translated: "Today in the morning view from the window in the bird feeder for birds." Thank you for sharing. i love this site, it is so global!


Thank you Angel, maybe snow invades again or you'll have spring :-))


Hi Ank,that's right, we're too far apart, it's a shame our dog girls would also have won together.

Good puzzle and photo. The pink of the sunrise on the snow is especially nice.
thank you for sharing your snow, since we no longer have any. ;-)


Wow what a view. Jana I love it. Pity it's too far to walk else I would walk to you for a coffee together. Then I could enjoy your view.


Thank you Texasstar and Denise, nise but cold :-))


It is a beautiful picture Jana. Thank you I love it:-)


It's a very nice view anyway! Thanks, Jana.


No, it is the view from my room :-))


this must be the view from Tex's cabin!