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Amsterdam, Capital of the Netherlands

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This series is specially for Ardy and Sissel, they visited Amsterdam.
Amsterdam has 800,000 inhabitants.
This square ( de Dam) is known to anyone who has ever visited Amsterdam. Especially in the time of the hippies and the flower power this square was very popular. They were all on the ground and discussed how they could improve the world. The building is the Palace on the Dam. This Royal Palace is still used in official matters.


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wow. yes. I think that will be great. And that is better as pink with red w.frames. lol


A happy yellow!! - with blue window frames!! The Swedes would feel at home!!


Hi Hanne, I agree it's grey. I don't know what I would choose. Most Amsterdam people are politically left, and then is the color red. What do you think? There is also every year a biiiiiiig Gay parade, then it would be pink, light red. But I think I will go for light blue. But I would not say thatAmsterdam is blue. lol


My comment from yesterday - Ank, I'm sorry I hadn't it posted!! But I remember that I asked you what colour you would give this palace if you had to decide?? Thanks for the picture!!


Hi Suzy, I told Micky and she said, maybe we can go together. Hi Cathy then the Amsterdam series is for you too. Maybe you have seen more of Amsterdam as I did. I don't know it so well. Glad there is Wikipedia to help me. Suzy you are never too old for being a hippie, so change clothing and take the plane.


Oh good! I visited Amsterdam once many years ago. It's a wonderful city. I'm looking forward to seeing it in more detail with you as our guide!!


Missed being there as a hippie! Peace and love to all!!!
Tell Micky I go to get beautiful every 6 weeks as well!


Jo, enjoy us, Amsterdam is a nice city. Most people love it. Not me.


Thankyou for this tour!! Very interesting to learn!! :)


Hi Laura, I did make photos today. But I have to do someting with the photos, I think I will make a collage. Befor, during and after. But this evening I also have to work at the series Amsterdam and Friesland, so I don't think I can do it now. I will have a busy evening, so I'm afraid I can't solve much. But Micky is a beauty again. She needs to go every 6 weeks.


How does she look after her visit to the beauty parlor?


Hi friends, sorry I'm that late but I have been out all day. I was with Micky to the canine beautician. First the palace. It is built between 1648 and 1665. It was the City Hall of Amsterdam. In that time there were many wars in Europe, Napoleon was a busy man. And in NL we got a King. Lodewijk Napoleon. Then it was 1808. Amsterdam gave him a present, the city hall as palace. And ever since it is a palace. Yes Denise I remember you told me that you was there, sorry I was forgotten. So it's also for you. Shirley that's true, at squares are often people, and they often eat, and they often throw food at the ground and yes then the pigeons show up. Well you all seem to like it, I have a few photos so if you want we can go on for this month. Jan Amsterdam is very close to the airport. lol


I would love to see this - in person! Thanks, Ank!


beautiful city, looking forward to seeing more.


Gorgeous ... Love the picture and thanks for the description....


I always wanted to get back to Amsterdam, Ank. I didn't get to appreciate it much. We arrived in the early morning after flying all night and left again the next morning with only a quick bus tour of the city. We drove past this square. I remember the canal ride at night - beautiful. I expect I'll see more of the city through your tour than I did on mine. Thanks, Ank.


Most City squares seem to attract pigeons, for one reason or another, Thanks Ank.


Lovely, I will look forward to a little tour here! How old is the Palace Ank?


I remember when the hippies were there.Every morning the police would come and with huge hoses and would spray water on them and then they scattered.:-)


I feel at home when I look at this picture because I have been there so many times. On the other side of the palace near the hotel was a little place that made the most delicious poffertjies:-) Thank you for the fond memories:-)


Thanks for the tour puzzeljac, it's nice to travel to faraway places from my lounge chair.