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Getting Thinner (Smaller)

42 pieces
140 solves
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Some people just are very, very insistent.... LOL! Thanks, Rosie!


Now this one no one should mistake for a mail slot--a squished lemon maybe but not a mail slot!


Thanks so much, Mimi! :-)))


Thanks Pat, love this one.


I hope you get that straightened out, Katie--and I hope no one is taking your mail. As for you, Lela, I have the feeling that your mistaking every last thing with a slot in it for a mail box is the cause of your difficulties...just sayin'....... Thanks, Mandy--that club had one of the largest memberships, I think! :-)))


This is fun, thanks Pat... I'm in the wish I was thinner club too ;~(
I don't have missing mail problems thankfully :~)


I have found that my mail frequently goes missing round here........


What a pain Pat! I found out today that my retirement system had placed a hold on all the new accounts and the ID cards were released on the 20th. Don't know why they didn't know that when I called them back on the 5th. But I got my member and group numbers so at least I have the necessary info in case I need my doctor before I get the cards. But several other people on my block have had ongoing issues with mail too. I finally got a call this afternoon from the postmaster's office and they will look into the problems. I also missed my most recent bank statement - that's REALLY troubling.


When I first got my Medicare card and the AARP supplemental card (which uses the info from the Social Security system as well) in 2011, they came under my maiden name, which I hadn't used since the day I got married 43 years before that! All my earnings were reported under my married named; the Soc. Sec. and income taxes were filed the same way; my license, etc., were all correct--but for some reason, way back in 1968, someone had started to change my name to the married one, then re-did it, and no one could tell me why! But because someone made that mistake, they wanted me to prove that I was married! I refused to come in with a certificate, and told them to check Social Security, where I was having no trouble getting wife's benefits--so apparently SOMEONE there knew I was married! It took about 2 months to get it straightened out, and it was a pain in doctor's offices and with prescriptions, where my on-file name didn't match the cards, of course! Good luck! :-)))


Hi Pat, I could use some magic potion too! Why, oh why, is that belly fat so hard to reduce?! On the other hand, maybe THIS is where so much of my mail has been disappearing to lately. I'll be calling my new health insurance co. this afternoon to request a 3rd set of ID cards be sent. I plan to ask if they can use Fed Ex since the PO can't seem to get them delivered. I think it's time to alert my retirement system too.


I wish I had a magic potion that would work on me, too! My arms and legs are fine, but I look about 5-6 months pregnant--which is not a great look for a 66-year old! LOL!

I did forget to warn about the mail, but I guess I assumed that a solid yellow center wouldn't look open to anyone, but would look, well, solid...... Or perhaps like a reptilian eye, which doesn't usually evoke a desire to post letters through it.......I hope!

Thanks so much, Edie, Barb, Ardy, Lela (sigh...), Jan, and Robbie! :-)))


Yes and I am close behind at 3.03!! Silly place to mail anything, this just hangs in space and anything put through the slot just floats away to nowhere land!! Heh, heh. I've been staring at this for a long time........I still have a big belly!! Thanks PD, cool puzzle.


You can't fool me, Pat.....that is a beautiful reptilian eyeball staring at us. I had to solve this as quickly as possible as a result!
ahem, 1:36


I've posted the mail for today here.........I can't imagine anything else this would be used for!......


i don't really want to be skinny but a little less round, Pat, would be nice. How soon can you manage it? What about our friend who thinks every slit is a mail slot? Do you think this one is safe? Thanks, Pat. Another fun puzzle.


Join the club, Edie. LOL
Fun puzzle, Pat, thanks. :-)


Could you do something like that on me. I want to be thinner too. Enjoyed the puzzle, thanks Pat.