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Merry Christmas ~ 2012

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Bradley look-a-like ~~~ Ho Ho Ho


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Hi gal, sorry I missed your comment. Yes, it came that way. Bradley didn't know what to make of it. Especially when it took over my dining room table when putting it together!! Then when I finally managed to complete, I just stood it up there and left it until the next day. Well, Bradley never puts his paws on the table but I kept catching him doing just that. He wanted a really close look at it. LOL When I put it outside, Bradley had to sniff it all over. I wish I had my camera with me. It was too funny seeing him ''sniff'' his decoration. LOL

OMG, for about 5 seconds I had to look very closely to see if that was Mr. Bradley himself or not. Such a wonderful ornament for your house . . . did it come with the outfit? What does Bradley think about it? Too much fun, LOL !!!


My neighbor mentioned it only this past Friday to me. She was going out shopping and said if they had any left she would pick it up for me. How could I pass up a ''boxer''?! The first ''Home Depot'' she went to, sold out so she stopped at another where she had to go anyway and she found the last box!!! I was thrilled to get it. :)))))


Love it Cakes! I know Bradley is proud of his yard decoration!. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Hi Lela ~ Yes, he does. You can see some of the lights through his ''hair''. The flash kept going off so you can't get the whole effect of B2!! I was up the road last night and he shows up really great at a distance too. :)))


Hee-Hee-Hee!.....Bradley is immortalised!....Does he light up?.....