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Passover Bagel?

49 pieces
104 solves
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Oh, Edie, I'm so sorry. I thought everyone was finished with the puzzle, or I would have waited to take a bite out of it. No, I didn't know that about the pieces; that's interesting. Of course, I'm not one to solve and resolve and resolve and resolve and resolve (get it?!) puzzles until I get on the board. If I did that, I'd still be on my first puzzle...

BooksAndPuzzles, you're very welcome. Thanks for visiting and letting me know.


I see what you mean! I haven't actually done the puzzle yet, but I restarted a few times to see what the blue center piece would look like, and you're right, it's different cuts each time-- thanks for telling us. :-) And thank you, octomom, for the pretty puzzle. :-)


I just realized something while solving your puzzle Gail. I did it twice and realized that the pieces do not get cut the same way each time. I don't know if everyone already knew this but it was news to me. It was the blue centre circle that clued me in. Learned something new today. Thanks for this fun one. Now that you ate it I guess I'll have to have some of Kirsten's cakes.


I'm glad you solved it now, because I got hungry and ate it.


Yummy bagel Gail!! And artfully decorated. Thanks very much!! :)))