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I Surrender- I couldn't get these circles to look good no matter how hard I tried.

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Hester, everyone with even half a brain knows that no one should be solviing a puzzle at 02:stupid o'clock. Even 03:stupid o'clock is not advised.

Judy, I just like to create things that I'm happy with, and I'm happiest when I really like what I've done. But thank you for your nice comments. For some reason these buns have a cardboard aftertaste. I think it's probably because I didn't let the puzzle pieces dry out before posting it.

whatnauts, I know what you mean! My mouth started watering after hearing all about Chelsea buns.


These oddball circles look great to me. And all this talk of Chelsea buns has made me hungry (even though I didn't know what a Chelsea bun was up until 5 minutes ago).


Wendy, what's the fun in overworking a puzzle? I agree with PJ, but I know you want to be absolutely happy with it before posting. I think you've done a really good job, so don't beat yourself up. When frustration starts creeping in, it does take out the fun. This community is sooo wonderful, I doubt anyone is disappointed in your work. You were sorely missed when were gone, so get some rest and smile. We want you happy. This is a fine puzzle as is, especially since it's now Chelsea buns. Yum!


Oops...5:41, pathetically slow. Bu then it is 02:stupid o'clock and I should not even be thinking about sweet pastries! Night night....:-)


YIKES! Hester, I just saw your comment. They really do look like the Chelsea buns. In fact, some looked more like these than the ones in the links, but the ones in the link were set up more like this. I want to eat some TRIPPY Chelsea buns now.


HOLY COW, Pat! The top ten list has changed so much since I was here last. And I'm psstoff that psstoff has sunk lower and lower. LOL
Oh, so you like the soft squishiness. I don't! I love the shapes I made them, but I don't like the texture. Now there are no ties, and you're just hanging on. :-(

PJ, well, I want the squishy squiggling balls to look good. I don't want people to have fun or laughter. hehehe

mariasha, oh, what can I say? I always love your silly comments. :-)
I wish though, that Magnus had an on board medic to take care of all your injuries.

Lesley, I have to see what Chelsea buns look like right now!
And you're right!


Carthill, you beat me to it! Iced buns but trippy iced buns! LOL


They look like a tray of colourful Chelsea buns.

I too, enjoyed this a bunch...but, as usual, I got a bit lost tripping on the colors. Thanks Wendy!


Wendy - they're not supposed to look 'good' - they're supposed to bring FUN, laughter, and a courious search for forms, colors, shapes, similarities....
I could spend a lot of time 'squiggling' along with the 'squishy juggling balls' (quoting Mandy). We need some fun experiments!


I think these are terrific, Wendy--I love the soft squishiness and the color combos! And the times are odd--a 3-way tie and a 2-way tie at this moment... We all love it equally! :-)))


Oh, Mandy, I really like their display set up. Anyway, I spent way too much time on these last night and am going to have to start all over again. I think I know what I did wrong so hopefully I'll have an improved version for tomorrow.
It is sad that psstoff got knocked off the top spot. ariaadair seems to listen about as well as you do. ;-)
On another note, I'll respond to your emails in a few minutes! I'm still finding stray comments on puzzles....but I'm just about done here. :-)


Wendy, these remind me of squishy juggling balls, although I don't know anyone who can juggle with 16!!! Perhaps there is more than one set here?
Yours are far more attractive in both design and layout :~)
Sadly psstoff has been knocked off already... I'm going to solve this later, thanks. :~)


Geeeez, nobody should knock psstoff off of the top spot. I agree with him/her!