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The Nine O'Clock Gun

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The 9 O'Clock Gun is a cannon located in Vancouver, British Columbia that is shot every night at 21:00 (9 p.m.) PT. The crests of King George III and Henry Phipps, 1st Earl of Mulgrave, Master-General of the Ordnance at the time the cannon was cast, are on the barrel.
The gun is a 12-pound muzzle-loaded naval cannon, cast in Woolwich, England in 1816.Seventy-eight years later, in about 1894, it was brought to Stanley Park by the Department of Marine and Fisheries to warn fishermen of the 18:00 Sunday close of fishing.
The 21:00 firing was later established as a time signal for the general population and to allow the chronometers of ships in port to be accurately set. The cannon is activated automatically with an electronic trigger which was installed by the Parks Board electrical department. It is still loaded daily with a black powder charge. The fluorescent lights illuminating the gun from overhead go out exactly ten seconds before it fires, and turn back on a few seconds afterward.
The 9 O'Clock Gun has been silent for at least five periods: once during World War II, in 1969 when it was stolen and held by University of British Columbia Engineering students until a "ransom" was donated to BC Children's Hospital, in 2007 during a work stoppage, in 2008 when UBC Engineering students painted it red and on 20th May 2011 with no explanation. After the 1969 theft, the cannon was surrounded by a stone and metal enclosure as shown in the photo.
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Thank you Rob. You are always welcome!


Fascinating story Cathy - very interesting! Thanks.


Thank you Lorna, Fodus and Nancys. I don't know if the students were punished. I guess they probably had to pay a fine. I think the main consequence of their action was that the cannon was enclosed. And you're right Nancy now no one can get near it or take a good picture of it.


Why is the good people are alway punished for the crimes of the few


So now it is enclosed because of some pranks. Did the pranksters get punished?


Interesting story behind this, though it does seem a shame it has to be encased like this now. A sign of the times I suppose.


Thank you Ank! I'm glad you like the picture and the information.


Thanks Cathy and it's a nice story. I like the photo.


Thank you smllpkg, Higgie, Grannygoatlady and gemstone! Glad you liked the information about this cannon. And thank you gemstone for the additional stories!!


ggl...the engineering students try to outdo previous years' classes each spring. Volkswagen "beetles" have been hung from the Lions Gate Bridge a couple of times now...and one professor awoke one morning to find a VW beetle in his study...he hadn't heard a thing!


I loved the part about the theft/ransom for donations to the Children's Hospital.....I hope the students were applauded and not punished for their actions...........


My husband GREATLY enjoyed this bit of history. Thank you...


Interesting bit of history. Thanks,cevas.


Thanks 0829 and Jim ! It's difficult to get a good picture of this cannon because it's in that cage thing.


Thanks so much for the info, Cathy!


Interesting information, thank you.