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Have a great day Dear QORE....
Lots of cake and ice cream and lots and lots of fun with family....
Our best Birthday wishes with love and hugs too....
Your RS and Foxy.... :) :)))


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Thanks so much Edie. Looks like enough chocolate to satisfy even my hunormous family! Thanks for all the good wishes! - Love your new avatar! :))

Thanks once again for all the wonderful wishes Shirley, and you are so right - chocolate heaven! :))


Well now, this is heaven! I shall take my regal queenly self and dive right into all that glorious chocolate. I shall of course give Luke a small piece to enjoy as he serenades me on the piano. What a lovely way to enjoy my day (and forget my well advanced years). Seriously ladies, this is terrific. But of course, it is offered by two super puzzle-makers, and two lovely friends. Thank you my RS and my friend Foxy too! Love to you both! :))))))))


Very Happy Birthday to you Mimi, by the looks of what Sally and Chrissie have in store for you here, you are going to have a great time, Cheers all round.:):):):)


Lovely card for a lovely lady. Happy birthday Mimi, and I'm sure that none of that cake and chocolate will go to waste with all the kids, grandkids and ggkids, to help. Have a great day. Thanks Sally :-)))