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30 pieces
105 solves
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Hi, Sue. Glad you enjoyed this one. I've just posted one that has two imperfect swirls. Wonder if you like it or not... Any rate hope you'll try it. Have a nice jigi time, Sue. Good night.


I just love this long skinny ones, Sachi. The 3-D effect on this one is really jumping out at you. And of course, there are my darling little swirls and some turquoise thrown in the mix. Grat puzzle. Thanks. 1:26


You are too welcome, Jo. I enjoyed making doing it myself, though it changed completely from what I started to make. All's Well That Ends Well, isn't it!? I wil post the next one of this size. Please look forward to. Have a nice jigi time, Jo.


Oh, I love this type of puzzle!! It's like a 3-D puzzle waiting for the pieces to be fitted in!! Very colorful, and much fun to do in this 10x3 size!! Thankyou for the happiness!! :) 1:44