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Hummingbirds - Sweet Sixteen!

81 pieces
114 solves
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This is just something about hummingbirds that most people like. I'm glad you did! Thanks!

Loved the hummingbirds, When the warmer weather is closer,I will put out my feeders. Thank you.


I am so glad, Katie! I was afraid there were TOO many of them! Thank you!!


That was FUN Jan! I agree that it was a challenge with all the similar colors. I enjoyed every minute!


Barb - I'm glad you liked it. I wanted it big and I just couldn't resist those colors. They are some of my favorite pastels! Thank you.

Hanne - Hummingbirds always seem to be in this position! Thanks so much!


Look what we can - stand on our tails!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


And Ardy's still on the board as we made the bottom two ... for the moment, that is. LOL
Love the bright colours although it was a challenge with some similar colours being used. Thanks for a fun puzzle, Jan! :-)


It helps keep our brains active - - that's why I do that, Ardy! LOL I see that you are on the board!! Thanks!!


Some of the skies these birds are in have very similar colors. Fun challenge. Thanks Jan.