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Brewery Art Centre, Kendal, Cumbria. Photo by John Salmon

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Thank you waxwing, 48 and Joyce for your nice comments today.
Joyce thank you for looking up the info about size comparison of UK and USA. I think I'm right in saying we fit into Texas 4 times, I just can't get my head around it...Sue


They've done a lovely job of saving the buildings and giving the grounds a new lease on life!


the structure and the grounds are both wonderful Sue - great picture and puzzle! Thanks.


Beautiful building and land area. I don't even like the smell of beer so an art center is fine with me. LOL Thanks Sue!! :))))))))))
(time, 4:06)
........................... I looked up a size comparison of England to the USA, they gave 2 states to use for comparison:
England has an area of approx 130,000 sq km. The USA states closest to this are Mississippi at 125,000 sq km and Louisiana at 134,000 sq km. I hope this helps when you look at a map of the entire USA and see where these states are & their size. :))))


I'm impressed kevin flying all that way. I can't imagin the size of America but now I appreciate the distances you have to cover from one end of the country to the other. I'll have a look at the web site and the plane, Thanks...Sue
It's a good size building and garden, I expect you could spend a good few hours having a mooch around here. Thanks Denise...Sue


A very impressive building and the colour of the bricks is stunning. Its very large sue and I approve of it beng an art centr:-) Thank you very much.


I actually bought a new toy, the plane N604C (, in California, and I took the pictures you see as I flew back to Massachusetts. There will be more over the next few days. And yes, a big country - it took 9 days to get home - and cold this time of year. It was -15 degrees C when I took the picture near Albuquerque at 7500 feet above sea level - kevin


I had a look at your pics kevin, what a wonderful big country you live in, so much space. Are you flying the plane or is the plane hired for sightseeing.
I'm afraid it's the sign of the times when we lose a brewery, too many imports but at least the building remains with a change of use. Thank you...Sue


I'm not sure I approve of losing a brewery to create an art center, but its an impressive building and puzzle. Thanks, Sue. You might also have a look at the puzzles I created today, to see why I was away from Jigidi for a week or so - kevin