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icy cream

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got some in the freezer of course, but I can't resist a shop bought one


Delicious. I enjoy your "stripe-ies", and this one is perfect during our heat wave!


I have reached the age where the waistline is just a memory. though I do try to be good sometimes one must have a treat and what could be better than ice cream, or chocolate, or cake, or a nice sponge pudding.............

Ice cream can be so simple but so magnificent. I favor the vanilla sundae covered with chocolate sauce. Not good for the waistline but a wonderful mood elevator! Great puzzle today!


me too, and I love ice cream. There is a restaurant near us where they make their own with milk from their Jersey cows and it is just gorgeous


Plain and simple ----- I love this puzzle.


I fancy some kind of toffee or just plain vanilla oh I'll have both


Just the puzzle for another steaming hot day here. I LOVE ice cream!!! Like the bottom stripe, I'll have a scoop of each please!!! LOL Many thanks for another great morning June!! :))))
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