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My Comforter's in the Wash!

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Gotta have creativity in your comforters, Ardy!


A rather unusual design for a comforter, Jan. Made a good puzzle though. Thanks. Hope your weekend is going well.


You never know what will spark a conversation! Your washer sounds like the new one we just got last month!
I'd love to hear an update about Spenser!


I don't have to worry about that problem. I have an Amish quilt and it gets dry cleaned. Although, now that Spenser has been found on my bed (and I still don't know how he got there) the quilt may have to come off and the old store bought one will have to go on. It can be washed!!! And I have one of those fancy large capacity washers that weighs the load and regulates the amount of water used according to the weight. Thought it would be more economical for one person and I could still wash rugs and curtains and quilts and blankets. Wow, all this conversation from your title!!! Go figure.


And then, JC, they take FOREVER to dry! :D

Wow, Katie! that sounds fantastic. Thanks so much!


Excellent title and design Jan! My washing machine has a removable agitator to make washing large items like a comforter easier. The drum pulses and rotates so they still get swished around in the soapy water.


Yes, I do know, Jan! And how hard they are to get out when they are all wrapped around the agitator!


JC - do you have any idea how hard it is to GET a comforter in the washer? LOL
Thanks, glad you liked it!


A fun one, Jan!