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Haellingsåfallet, Sweden!

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This is a rather special waterfall, coming out from the side in the canyon, which it has dug through the last 9000 years. The canyon is about 1 kilometer.


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Thanks so very much Ank, it's SO sweet of you!!


I don't agree Hanne, I think it's very well to see how spectacular it is. I think it's a great photo. Thanks.


Indeed - and to stand on the bridge that crosses the place where it falls down is tremendous!!! Thanks so very much Sandy!!


That is a LOT of water coming out of that hole Hanne. What a nice shot.


I admit it might be a little confusing!! I'm so sorry that the photo doesn't show at all HOW spectacular it really is!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


Hanne, when I first looked at this picture I thought there were two waterfalls - one coming down the middle (which turned out to be the stream) and the one coming from the side of the canyon. Wonderful photo. Thank you and Bent.