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Area 51.....

36 pieces
122 solves
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Thanks, Patti.... The aliens made me do it.... :) :))


Cool effects! Thank you, Sally!


Toronto only thinks they are the centre!!!


What, Whattie, you mean Toronto?? :) :)


They will never find us. Once they look down and see all the white stuff, they will think this is an inhospitable piece of land, unsustainable to life (assuming they are heading to the centre of the country!!


Help!!! I've been abducted by aliens.... That's my excuse for not answering your lovely comments on this puzzle in a timely manner.... They kept me for hours.... Wouldn't let me phone home.... They made me eat Vegemite.... A cruel and unusual punishment, even for aliens... I did however, persevere, I did not tell them where the chocolate was hidden.... We had a lengthy discussion about nuclear physics and molecular deconstruction.... They were so impressed by this earthling vast store of wisdom and accumulated knowledge, they let me go and returned to their own planet to work on plans to invade Canada... As they flew off I tried to tell them.... "You'll freeze your tushies off".... I'm not sure if they heard me... So BOLO for aliens Canada.... And watch out for the Vegemite.... :) :)

Now I must report back to Rosewell and detail for them this latest incident.... :) :)
Thank you..... Francine, Katie, Snooker, ?Nauts, Shirley, Mimi, and Judy.... :) :)) :)))


Well, Sally, I have one word: WOW!! I had great fun solving this alien adventure. Roswell has nothing on you. Perhaps they'd like a copy of this, but then you'd be investigated thoroughly. I do love the colors and composition. I'm not the art critic as you know, so those skills need much improvement. I'll stick by my one word.


Has to be another Wow and Zowie!


Sally, I usally have a slight idea how you arrive at a creation, but this one, I have know idea at all, very clever girl, and very effective, Thanks Sally. :):)


Hmm, reminds me of a dream (actually it was a nightmare) I had last night. Look at them big eyes!!!

Roswell was nice but not as pretty as this. :)


I never knew aliens were so colorful. Thanks Sally!


Boy, oh boy. This was quite the challenge. Lots going on. Thanks, Sally. (2:26)


Offed us both??? Who you working for, The Mafia.... Did your cousin Vinny help you out, or is he still in Vegas mixing cement....


HA! Offed the two of you at the same time. This is a red letter day....!!! Could be two red letter days in the same day.


I know people there. I called home.