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Paradise Tree Snake - Thailand .

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No - not very poisonous, the venom is not strong enough to hurt humans Monica.


YIKES!!!!!!! Is he poisonous? He's very pretty, for a snake! I don't like snakes at all! Sorry! But I just don't!!!


He's all yours pg!! I'll just admire from a distance!! Thanks.


Very lovely snake Rob.


Thanks Heidi - I guess he's a link in the food chain!!
Tex has said that before about another critter I posted here Trish!!


wow, tex, you got a good idea going there. if we can coax enough of those babies to fly over here, they would make dandy belts! great idea girl! dont guess they would make very good pets, although they are pretty enough.


What a gorgeous snake!

I'd rather have snakes around than the alternative. Mice are destructive and carry diseases. But they make great food for snakes and owls.

robryan a funny sort of a way chickie!! Thanks.
Thanks PamCal - I enjoy finding the unusual!!
Sorry Meadowhawk :)))
Me too Laura, me too!!
Thanks for the info Trish!! I knew about the weak vemon but not about the ability to fly!!
LOL!! Trust you to think of that tex!! Thanks.


I think he'd make a smashing belt! Or boots if they were all rounded up! Thanks, RR (I think).


how could such a beauty with little hearts down its back be mean??? i looked him up, and he is venomous, but only weakly for us, not dangerous. he eats geckos (sorry geico) bats and frogs. they grow to nearly 4 feet, and get this: THEY FLY!!! gliding very far when they jump from a high vantage point. They can glide a hundred meters ? and probably more. very cool as usual, Robyn!!


As beautiful as he is, I think I will walk in a big cricle around him.


Me too Shirley!! Thanks.


Very pretty, but I'd be staying away from him.


Oh, dear..... snakes are a worry, even the pretty ones.

I really don't like things like this - scary to me. . . but I have to admit that I have seen some magnificent creatures on Jigidi. This one is quite beautiful.


It is quite pretty.


I agree chookie!! Thanks.


I wouldn't like to come face-to-face with this fella!!! Nice colors but oh no.....


I agree oddio!! Thanks.
It does too lyndee!! Thanks.


Beautiful to look at.......kinda looks like a Chinese jumping rope!


Whew! A beautiful critter, but I'm sure we want to avoid this one///1