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"Love Your Pet Day" is celebrated and observed on February 20th. With busy lives amongst families, jobs, traveling, homework, and chores, how much quality time do you spend with a pet? Let go of a daily task to spend it with your animal companion on this day.


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Nope! ;-D


And you wouldn't change a thing! - LOL! Thanks for visiting :~)


Thanks whatnauts - it seems the more you give they more they want!! But we enjoy it to!


Our lot too are spoiled! Every day is celebrate and love your pet day around in our home...they wouldn't allow it to be otherwise! Even now, a couple of rabbits are telling me that it is treat and cuddle time! LOL (The dogs demand it all day long...LOL. Thank heaven the bunnies are crepuscular!)


Most of the pets I know are already spoiled rotten, but heck, now that they have their own day, they can be even more pampered :))))


Thanks PJ - I'm glad you enjoyed it :~)


Thanks Edie, it sounds like you're doing a wonderful "job" of loving your pets! And enjoying it too :~)


Oh, Mandy - so wonderful. Love your blend of realism, humor, info and great design.
The images are soo cute...


Something that's celebrated every day around here. My pets are very spoiled. I don't go to movies, concerts, dinners any more. Very seldom buy new clothes because my daughter passes down all of hers. This gives me more money to spend on my pets and the ones I foster for the rescue. Wouldn't have it any other way.


Thank you everyone for your comments, I'm not able to respond to them all individually today, but very much appreciate your thanks and your comments, enjoy your day :~)


Hi Mandy, I sure love my cat! This must be the day to get a new toy out of the bag of catnip for her to roll around with. This was just talked about on the Today show too. Thanks for finding so many cute pictures to illustrate the day. I love the kitten with the guinea pig!


Good morning Mandy ... Love this one.... My bird lets me know everyday....he calls me sweetie...and the cat she sleeps on me at night.... they would be really missed... Thanks for the great puzzle today...


Thanks, Mandy. When my last cat died four years ago I didn't want another pet. But another cat has adopted me. on her terms. Sometimes she wants to stay in and be cuddled and held and other times it's "Let me out of here." She shows up regularly to eat. I like checking with you in the morning.


Terrific puzzle, Mandy! Every dog I've ever had came from a shelter. That's the best place to get them. :-) Every day is "love your pet day." ;-)


And of course: Thank you for ur interesting Know-puzzles.


I have a granddaughter in Canada who worked at the Humane Society. Lots of Parrots and kakadoos ( how do u spell it?) were brought because they were pulling out their feathers and were not pretty anymore. This is a sign of stress, because of neglect. To save them from putting to sleep, she brought them home. Now she has nearly 30 parrots, from love birds to Kakados. Parrots are cute if they say High baby, or sing songs, but they also live upto 60 years! Time to get fed up with them.
I think Tigers,Bears, Crocodiles and Parrots etc. should not be allowed as pets. There is a lot of suffering for these animals.


How fitting for theme week, Mandy!!! And is that a deadly spider on the left hand side? Yikes!!! Love the tiger cub in the centre. So cute! Thanks for another wonderful Who Knew puzzle. :-)