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Wheels on Fire! (medium)

81 pieces
115 solves
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These are also part of the "Round" theme of the week.


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And, you are a songwriter, too? Is there no end to your talent? LOL
Thanks so much, Kirsten. I'll be smiling all day!


..... wheel's on fire,
Rolling down the road,
Best notify my next of kin,
This (solver) shall explode! (with happiness!)

Thanks Jan, this is just terrific! I luuurve the ones with green and yellow. They practically glow!! :))))


Thank you so much Barb, Ardy and Hanne. It always so great for me to see your happy "faces" when I read the comments. I am so glad you enjoyed this puzzle!


So spectacular and bright they are!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


These are lovely, Jan. Wonderful start to round and oval week. I really like the top and bottom right and the top left. Love all the pinks. Thanks, Jan. I just noticed I'm in the middle of the board. Wonder how long before I slide off?


Wow!!! I love this, Jan! Challenging but lots of fun and I love each and every image, perhaps the lower right corner best of all. Great puzzle! :-)