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For Judy :-)

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Mandy, they do the same for me (remind me of the road to infinity). I don't want to overdo them...because I look forward to posting them many more times in the future. They're fun to create.


This style puzzle is certainly popular Wendy, they always remind me of the road to infinity and what a colourful journey this one will be!!!


I left the "J" out of Judy but luckily I don't think she saw this puzzle yet.

Pat, I don't think so. Every time I get excited that my hand is getting better, shortly thereafter it takes a dive.

Thank you, Jan. :-)


A very enjoyable puzzle


I keep hoping that there will also be a "will be" in there.....


udy, Pat's explanation for you is perfect. ;-)

Thank you Pat, for explaining the 'details.' LOL! But Pat, there is no more "is" in your reference to me. There is and was a "was." ;-)


HeyJude, think about it for a second. There are currently 235 (WOW!!!) solves on this. Only 10 of those can be on the board! And there are ten thousand or more people on Jigidi, so only those who really liked this and/or thought that they could ace it solved this--so not making the top ten is no shame at all. There are people (and Ms. Wendy is/was one of them) who always lead the pack, but I like to think that the rest of us are like the Olympians who come in last in the race--we're still Olympians!


Wendy, I so enjoyed doing the puzzle in a manageable amount of time. I feel I need to go to puzzle school to learn how to decrease my times. They are so far off the top ten. The only time I've made the list is if I'm one of the first ten to solve it. Even then it's an embarassment for it to be broadcast. I'm not complaining, because it's still great fun and I love being part of the community. Thanks so much for posting the smaller puzzle; I love your contributions!


Thanks for telling me, Pat! Advia had wanted the one where I had squeezed four of them into one puzzle to be made into separate Very Large puzzles. I'll ask her if it's OK to post them in smaller sizes instead. Well....I'll see how it does in the very large size...the one I posted today. Maybe I'll post in two sizes for each of them.


I'm glad you made this size--it's a good fit for this design, and I really enjoyed it--approximately 7 times more than the trial size...! :-D