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144 pieces
260 solves
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Thanks whatnauts, I hoped you would enjoy this one... and you did!!

Wendy - you have super excellent judgement :~))


Mandy, I'm glad I do too. LOL!


This is terrific, monza. Thanks much :))


Kirsten, it means a lot to me that you were tempted into solving this larger than usual for you size puzzle!! I'm so pleased you enjoyed it so much, and thank you for your lovely comments :~))


Oh, Mandy! This was MORE than swirlicious! It was swirlariffic, swirliful, swirltastic!!! The colours, textures and shapes are all perfection! Thanks so much. :)))

I can't remember the last time I was tempted into a puzzle of more than 81 pieces, but just HAD to do this one. I specially love this kind of break-up, where each component/panel is likes its own individual puzzle. So thanks for doing that too. And I love the 3D you got in this one too, which isn't so apparent from the thumbnail or preview screen. I just plain LOVE it. Thanks. :)))


Thanks so much Willy - I'm really pleased you love this one!

Wendy, I'm glad you agree with Willy :~))

Magda - your English is excellent, I admire all those who so regularly comment on Jigidi when English is not their first language. I'm delighted you think this puzzle is swirlicious :~))


I think I am going to learn "High English" finally Swirlicious!Wow what a word, but I agree, swirlicious they are.


Willy is right! The swirls are both beautiful and SWIRLICIOUS! :-)


This is a puzzle with beautiful swirls and the colors are so clear, love it,