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Lighted Glass......Not

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Created this one from a blank canvas. After using many filters, the end effect reminds me of glass with lights behind it. Thought it turned out rather unusual.


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You guys are all soooo sweet and supportive!!!! I have a big smile on my face!!!! Thank each and every one of you for doing this one. I am most glad that others are enjoying this little treasure too!!!! I was indeed surprised and delighted with the way it turned out too. I played around with the same effects and filters today that I used to create this one and will probably be posting some more kinda like this one. Thank all of you again for leaving comments and your thoughts....and for doing the puzzle :-)))))))


Oh Kathy - this is so exquisitely lovely, delicate and intricate. Love the colorful design.


I was checking all my favourites and bookmarking the ones I want, and I just had to stop and do this one now - it was glowing so brightly, yet delicately. I love the blue in the centre, but also the orange glow around the tips of the petals.... extraordinary!!! Many many thanks Kathy :~)


This is so delicate and lovely, Kathy. It's one of my favorites of the evening.


My favorite by far. Love the soft colors and lacey pattern. Great work Kathy.


Very, very pretty! Thank you!


Oh WOW!! That is sooo nice!! I love the soft colours & intricate patterns. Thanks Kathy.


I love all your puzzles Hummingbird59, this one is truly beautiful. Thanks for posting


Your creations would be beautiful in quilts.


You are more than welcome Wilddog!!!! It brings me great pleasure to know that the creations brings pleasure to others!!!!!! You are a sweetheart for letting me know. Thanks for your comments and your support!!!!! :-)))))))


This might be my favorite one of the series. Not only are the colors beautiful but, also the intricate textures. Thank you for creating these puzzles.


Thank you sooooo much Puzzaddled!!!! After I finished working on this one last night, I called my hubby over to have a look at it. We were both amazed at the results. Thanks for a wonderful comment and for taking the time to do the puzzle :-)


Truly lovely, Kathy! I thought that I was just going to bookmark and come back later...I haven't been able to even look at my "faves" puzzles for a couple of days. However, this drew me right it. The delicacy of the lace under glass and the colours...all are just A1.


Thank you soooo much BooksAndPuzzles for doing it and for taking the time to leave a comment :-)


I see what you mean about light coming through glass... so delicate and pretty! :-) I think it turned out really well. (Thank you for creating & posting!)