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Fancy had a rough day at the Vet's.

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The Vet said she's 3 maybe 4 months old, and a sick little thing. She has an upper respiratory and eye infection, negative on all her blood tests, and has a temp. of 104 (101 is normal). She recived an antibiotic injection,
ear-mite drops, and goes back in 2 weeks to check her progress. She's on her way to health.


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She will benefit so much from your loving care. Bless you both. Sending strengthening healing thoughts your way.


Hi Nicky, that first week she just wanted to be held and comforted, human touch, she wasn't on her own anymore, she had a family.


Still a poorly little kitty, but improving, bless her!


Snooker, The blood test came up negative for the 3 cat diseses that are killers. Thanks for asking, that was a great question.
Sorry it's taken me so long to see your post. I looked right over it, and I'm sorry.


Thank you laura. Once I saw her, and held her...that was it. I couldn't leave her behind.
Rocky has never been sick before, he's fusee the last couple of days. He wants to go out, he's an indoor/outdoor kitty, but with a temp. of 104, I'm afraid to let him out. He hates using a litter box, that's one of the reasons he wants out so bad.


I just read about your cat today, Healer. Bless you for rescuing a stray. I pray she heals up quickly...and that Rocky gets better, too.


Hi Faye. Yes, she is still eating well, and is playful in spurts. She and Rocky are getting along better, nose to nose at times, and a lot less hissing. This morning about 5:30 AM, they were chasing each other through the house, and across our bed while trying to sleep. I had to laugh. They haven't done it since, but it's a start.
Rocky started to sneeze two days ago, so I might have to take in to see the Vet if it continues.
I'm still putting salve in her eyes for the darkish discharge, and drops in her ears for the mites.
From the looks of her, she has to be gaining weight. It's all good news. Thanks for checking. I have another picture of her I need to post.


Good morning, Jeannie,
Is Fancy feeling a little perkier? Still eating well?
Hope Rocky is okay and didn't catch anything from Fancy. :)))


Faye, I think so, she has perked up, and a little more playful today. Still sneezing now and then still, and the antibiotics should last for a full 7 days at least or more. Her eyes are still an issue.
Actually Rocky as started sneezing too, I hope she didn't pass anything to him!
She seems quit content here. She and Rocky were nose to nose for just a second today, I got so excited! Thanks for checking in on her.
She lays so still for the HT and seems to enjoy it....I know I do!


How's the baby today? Have the antibiotics finally kicked in? Sure hope so.


Pkin, man I hope so. Thank you for that.

Susan, thanks for the information on the book, I'll look for it. You've got my couriosity going.
Those little glass jars come in handy for lots of things! =)


Faye, Hi. That is sound advice. The Ultrasound should help more if done first, I'll to that. Using the figure eight sounds right also. I've used that on clients, it open the sinus right up. I have my homework cup out for me this evening! I went back to the Vets today to pick up eye ointment for her. The drainage was still bad.
Thank you.

sorry to get back to you about the book so late, short-handed at work makes for long hours. i think the book should be available through a library, it was written in 1999, ISBN 0-375-50321-8. i loved the way Willie talked about how much Spit loved his turkey so i tried it with my cat but Monty thought i was insane. don't know what disappointed me more, the fact that he didn't like the treat or that i wouldn't be able to have a massive collection of those little jars. i'll keep checking on in.


She now has a good mommy.....


Hope the improvement continues...such a sweet wee thing. Don't know if you have tried this or not but if a client noted sinus infection or respiratory distress I would "ultrasound" in the infinity pattern on the area before doing a pain drain (i.e. a figure 8 on its side around both eyes and over the bridge of the nose.) Maybe this would loosen up Fancy's infection and help the antibiotics to work want her to get better fast. Faye :)))


Mimi, thank you for the prayers, she's a little dear. The way she eats, she' got to be gaining weight.

Pumpkin, you're welcome, her blood test were good, thank Goodness. She loved the ear rubs from you, I really did it. Thank you for checking on her.


Thank you for giving us an update. I was patiently waiting to hear the results of her tests. Give Fancy some rubs behind the ears, and words of encouragement for me. Thanks for being her saviour, Healer!


The news sounds good so far. We're praying for this tiny little life to bloom and grow well.


Going silver, I can't believe how much she eating. I'm so glad. And she want to stay right with us, if now in a lap, then between our feet.
Bentleyd, I hope you're right, I'm hoping to see her perk up at least by tomorrow.
Cobalt, thank you for the kind words. We are doing the best we can.
Carol, me too, we are smitten with the kitten. She enjoys a good brushing. She needs a good bath, but I'm afraid while she has that fever, she's still warm to the touch.
Kittenlove, thank you for your encouragement and kind words. I'm looking forward for her little personality to come alive.
Plumpossum, the latest is, her one eye wasn't matted shut this morning. Her eyes were a mess, but both somewhat open. She can't open them far enough to see what color her eyes are yet. And she doesn't like getting her ear drops, but puts up with it, shakes her head, and we get wet.


What is the latest news about this fragile little wisp of protoplasm?

Thank the Lord the blood is got to her in time perhaps. I will be thinking about her and praying for Blessings. She is too adorable not to pull through. But I can see she is very sick.
Thank you for all your kindness. You are Blessed.


She is going to be a real beauty as soon as she gets over this bad time. Look at the length of the fur! So glad she is in your "forever home".


Get well soon Fancy. Sounds like she's in good hands....


The antibiotic usualy takes 24 hours before it starts working and then Fancy will heal


Poor baby, heres hoping the antibiotics start taking effect, but meanwhile, the love and food she is getting will help her feel better too.


Robryan, it sure is a good sign, and she's so sweet. Thanks.


Susanm, thanks, The turkey is a good idea. The people who found Fancy, were giving her regular dry cat food. I bought her dry food specially made for kittens, she's loving it. The Vet. also dewormd her today, so I'll wait a couple of days before I introduce anything new, in case her stomach is upset. I've never read that book, but I am a reader. Is that something I'd find in the Library?

at least she doesn't have a raging infection and evidently has escaped anemia. don't know if you ever read (sorry, i don't know how to underline the title) My Cat Spit McGee by Willie Morris, but his kitten had a very rocky start and as Spit got better he developed a love for Gerber's strained turkey baby food. don't know if Fancy's tummy would tolerate it at this point but maybe??


Thanks for the update Healer - she looks such a sweetie, even when she's sick. It's nice to know she's eating & drinking - always a good sign.


I appreciate that Maryrob, thank you. She's resting well tonight.


Sending you and her my best wishes.Get well little one.


Hi Jack, she's eating and drinking, that's a good sign. Now if the antibiotic shot will just do it's work.

Hi Gnt, let's hope so, I'm counting on it.

Hi Gemstone, thank you, and you're right, she's staraving for affection, and we're giving her all she wants. (and HT)


I hope you're using Healing Touch on Fancy...the Source is pure and will bring comfort. :)))

gemstone makes you want to cry. I'm so glad she snuggled under your chin and wants to be held...she wants contact...that and antibiotics should bring improvement by Wednesday.

Blessings, little one, on you and your new mum. If wishes were all it took...


another good one is improving I think Healer :)


ohhh, so sad!!!


Thank YOU javasage. I don't care what it costs, and I'll do what it takes. She's worth it.


She found her new Mommy.
And her new Mommy will make her well!


Oh Healer, that's really good news, can be expensive (money, time, effort!) getting them back on the path of health, but your commitment to caring for her has probably tipped the scales in her favor! Thanks for the update! ;-)


AMEN laura! The antibiotics really haven't had much time to work, I'm hopping to see an improvment tomorrow.


Baylee, you are too kind. Things happen for a reason and I'm just hopping we got to her in time, and she has the strength to fight to live. In the ride to and from the Vet's, she didn't make a sound, it's like she accepts what ever. She needs the will to fight.


Lots of love and warm surroundings will do lots, along with anitbiotics. She is young and has found a caring home and getting the medical help she needed. I believe she will be a wonderful healthy kitty...she has seen the other side.


Poor little one, people like you are to be commended Healer for taking such good care of the less fortunate animals. I too am pleased she has someone such as yourself to tend her :) It definitely restores faith in human kindness


Thank you petsmom. She just wants held, it breaks your heart. The Vet wouldn't give any guarantees, but was encouraging today because of her test results.
She's doing better with the litter box!

That sounds very positive for her improvement. Had been wondering if blood tests would show anything.

Poor baby. Glad you're taking care of her. Thank goodness for people like you. Hope she feels better soon.