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Friday night at Brighton Pier

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Nice to have fresh fish and crustations from the sea.


No, not changed at all Clive. But I do love the fresh fish you can buy, I go there and choose the crab I want, he cooks it while I shop, and it's wrapped ready to go when I return.


Hi Irene, yes went to Brighton many years ago on business, could not park any where the beach was all pebbles and I thought the people were all hippies, it seems that it has not changed then?


Thank you Irene. I'm glad to learn first hand that Brighton deserves the reputation it has here in America as a number one attraction. We don't have anything here like your friendly fishmonger who cooks the fish for you!


You are so kind Pat. I should have known you would know who T. Leary was, you are after all a very intelligent man.

Brighton is a hot tourist spot, I think it's better than London.

When I go there, usually for the day, a couple of times a year. I go straight to the arches on the beach to a little fishery, where I choose the fresh fish, or crabs I want, he cooks them while I shop. Then it's head to the famous Lanes, this link will explain the shopping.

Brighton is colourful and lively all day, but at night it really comes alive. During the summer it holds the biggest UK Pride Week Festive, which attracts so many tourist.


I assumed you were spending your Jigidi time on the frozen sea puzzle. I suppose in a way it's a relief that they took it down. I've always liked the puzzles you post and this one is bright and colorful.

I knew who Timothy Leary was, and I don't think there's any doubt he did a good deal of damage to America and the world, especially because he couched his drugged-out advice in academic and medical terms. I'm wondering about Brighton, though. I have always thought it was one of England's tourism hot spots. Sorry to hear that it's infested by druggies and homeless drifters. (I'm turning in now so there's no need to answer for a while.)


Thank you Pat, now the frozen sea puzzle has gone, I have time on my hands.

Timothy Learly was according to Wikipedia, an American psychologist and writer known for advocating the exploration of the therapeutic potential of psychedelic drugs under controlled conditions.
Friday was the start of the weekend, hence why I spoke of the homeless people taking the awful drug Spice.Then again, they seem to take it anytime.


Hi Irene, I'm glad to see you're back to posting puzzles again. ☺

I'm afraid I don't understand most of what's below, but it sounds interesting. If you don't mind, could you fill me in a little bit, please?


Yes you are right Ken, I only went to Brighton for the day last week, and there are a lot of homeless people laying in the doorways, we also saw a couple of men that I think must have taken the drug Spice, they were like Zombies. It wasn't nice to see.


Yep, it's the start of the weekend and Timothy Leary is in town.