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Checkered house - Villa Italienborg in Mölle, Sweden, by Per Olof Forsberg (pic cropped)

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I love this! It goes with my plaid car!

(Miss your puzzles, Kari. Hope all is well there.)


I'm with Joyce on this one, a yucky house but a great puzzle to do so thank you Kari...Sue


No we sure can't and this REALLY PROVES IT!!!! LOL

Hi Joyce and dondi! The house were build in the beginning of 1900s by a scrap/junk dealer. By the looks of it, he probably was quite an eccentric person. :-))
ps LOL... Joyce. We can't love them all can we? :-)))


Certainly an odd house, with the faux crenellations and the bank windows. Striking, though - although I wouldn't want to be the one who has to repaint it!


Well Kari, you finally did it. You found a house I don't like!! LOL Fun puzzle anyway!!! Thanks Kari!!! :)))))
(time, 4:44)