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This was so close I could touch it!
As I was trying on shoes at Bass Pro in Springfield, MO, I looked up and there it was! Actually there were several more just hanging out.


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Wonder how many times it's been pretending shot at by gun buyers in the store!

Must give you a bit of a start to look up from trying on shoes and see a low flying duck apparently headed your way! Thinking to yourself.... do I duck or not... but eider way it'll get me LOL


Several ducks are INSIDE the store, along with an elk, a bear and who-knows-what?
Bass Pro started out as a hunter/fisherman store (I think) but now has everything for the outdoor enthusiast!


This duck is INSIDE the store??????


I could spend all day in there just taking pictures!
Well, when the ammount of people equaled my town, I would have to leave! That place is HUGE! And they are adding on!


And it looks like they fed it really well before it's demise.


Love it ....