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Sunday's Flower

36 pieces
155 solves
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numpty, if I can guess who you are on my very first try, will you let me know?
Here's my email address if I'm right....and I say it in another post (you have to first tell me if you'll sign the proposal before I guess)..

PJ, I'm still learning what's proper etiquette on Jigidi....and still making mistakes...but what you did was fine.


Thank you Wendy, good to know.


I hate when people pretend to be nice


whatnauts, what am I going to do with you? ;-)

PJ, it's fine with me that you posted the link to your beautiful puzzle! There's only one time that I didn't appreciate it when someone did that...but it was because the person pretended....and I underline the word "pretended" to be interested in my puzzles but had really just come over to advertise hers.

Mary, you answered my question from awhile back. How are you going to survive with no Jigidi???

Ardy, I would agree with you except for the one exception that I mentioned to PJ already.


PJ - I love pink. What I don't like is orange with pink. I don't mind being offered puzzles devoid of orange however. That does not make me a favorite with the OFC (orange fan club). LOL But as far as I can tell one is always welcome to include a link to another puzzle.


Very good, whatnauts! LOL PJ, I'm glad you posted that puzzle link. I love your puzzles and don't know how I missed it!
Wonderul flower Wendy. The Sunday Flower Dance is a bit more subdued but then I'm on a cruise after only one more week of work so it's a bit more lively than usual. I shall go nuts, no Jigidi on board! 3:36 Thanks!


Wendy - tell me if this is wrong and I'll remove the comment. I am not well aquainted with Jigidi protocol - but I offer puzzles void of pink if Ringleader is interested. For example
Greetings, PJ


Enjoyable little flower - and I made the board (for a few minutes).


Lovely and luscious, little lemony lefleur. hehehe


Ardy, believe it or not, I was looking at all the flowers I created lately to see what to post and almost every one of them has both pink and orange. You are now officially a problem child. LOL

I'll check your puzzle right now.

Oh, almost forgot. I'm delighted that you're alliterationless. LOL


Love the yellow center in this Sunday flower. Sorry my alliterative brain cells aren't functioning right now. Thank you.

Left you a note on my puzzle. Would love to do it if you can tell me how.