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35 pieces
24 solves
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I hope ur hands are feeling better


This is an old picture you posted in August but I don't know how to get in touch with you .
I am worried Pat.Anything wrong ?


Happy belated Birthday, Pat!!


what a cutie!


Thank you Ank and Ardy. People should learn, but they don't, they put little dogs on a long
leash and let them out by themselves, a few have been snatched. Its sad, but they know
what is out there, as there are so many wild marshes and creeks in here. Have a nice day ladies..


I hope folks know this creature is around and keep small dogs and cats inside. Thanks, Pat,

I see Ank has given you the link to the puzzle I posted once I was able to be on the computer again this afternoon. Sorry to be so late getting on but had to wait until the eye drops wore off. ☺


Pat I found this puzzle, it's for you