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Overflowing Bordersfly

49 pieces
99 solves
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This may be one of the few times in recorded history that anyone every happily and approvingly called some country a "warm, sunny, fly infested place"!!!!! Love it! Thanks, Rosie!


Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I see two, count them, two flies in tonights collection. I get to solve two and Ardy gets to list two brand new ones for our wonderful sunshine and warmth and no snow and cold universe. Thanks, Pat for providing me and everyone else with such magnificent additions to that warm, sunny, fly infested place. Rosie


Thanks so much, PJ, Wendy, and Mandy--I thought that this had a sort of Art Deco look to it, and it definitely settled on a book (perhaps with photos of architecture of that style!) :-)))


Another lovely 'fly - which looks to me like it has settled on an open book - or maybe it is your laptop Pat?? Whichever, it certainly looks very beautiful, thanks :~)


I can't believe it, Pat. This Bordersfly is yet another butterfly that I'm loving. This one is actually quite STRIKING as a wonderful design!


Such fun puzzle, Pat - but to get on your board, well - I enjoy solving anyway.

Ardy - you're a marvel. I'm so glad you're taking on the task of listing these wonderful titles. Are you making cross-references too - or is that just too much (which I understand).



Well, I think most of the other flies had another word in the title, also, but were listed alphabetically by just the "-fly" part, so I would go with plain Bordersfly, Ardy! The darker colors came from embossing and then from doing the blurred borders routine. As far as using a computer on a treadmill goes, I have a feeling the solve times would run in the hours for even a small puzzle!

Thanks, Ardy, whatnauts, and Aishah!


I found a solution to the exercise problem. Attach a computer tray to a treadmill and then you can jigidi while you exercise. You think that will work? LOL!


Fun loony, PD. Thanks much.


Pat, I need some direction here. Since you are its creator you need to tell me if this is filed in the "B's" as Bordersfly or in the" O's" as Overflowing Bordersfly.

It is a very unusual fly with darker colors. I had a really slow solve 5:03. Most interesting. Thanks, Pat.


Thanks, Edie and Barb--I guess we don't burn up many calories exercising our fingers with the mouse, do we....?!!! At least, in the winter, I had an excuse--what will I say when it finally (assuming it ever does!) warms up, and I can get outside? Darn...... :-)))


I'm having the same problem as Edie, and I agree that being hooked on Jigidi isn't helping. LOL
Another unusual sighting for Ardy to make note of. Thanks for the fun, Pat. :-)


Read the title and thought maybe you had be spying on my trying to get into my jeans this morning. Have to get away from this computer and start working outside. It's all Jigidi's fault. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Partly your fault too Pat since you keep bringing along all these puzzles that I can't seem to stay away from. Thanks again