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English Bay Beach

12 pieces
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Vancouver, Canada
Taken March 31, 2013


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Yes, it needs some work!!


not so clean!


Hi Lorna! You, Jim, Susan and I can sit here and lean against this log. When Ank and Starlord have finished their swim we can have a picnic!


I can understand sitting on the beach, but paddling in the water? No thanks!


I'm glad you are enjoying the water Starlord. I'll sit here on the beach and relax!


Clear blue sky, sea... splash splash splash .... :-)


Thank you Jim! If you notice there are only a few people in the water and they are just wading!! Each year on Jan 1 they have the Polar Bear swim here at English Bay beach. Hundreds of crazy people run screaming into the water!!! I've never participated. It makes me cold just to think about it. Shudder!!


Thanks, Cathy!
You Canadians are tough! Going swimming in the winter!
Susan and I have a small splash pool but we won't put it up until late May or June!


Thanks Ank. Lots of people swim here so I think it's okay. Thank you for the information about the beaches in the Netherlands!


A great view. And a nice beach. Is it easy to swim there? Here in NL we have beautiful beaches, but the sea is dangerous to swim. You better not go further as were you can stand. Only people who are very good swimmers and know how the stream goes, can do it. But that means that they can swim and come to the land again about 10 km further down stream.