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TV: "This is Only a Test"

144 pieces
172 solves
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PJ, SLOW DOWN! I'll be able to post this soon enough in a small size. :-)


Wendy - it's great fun - wish small size


jranders, I won't take credit for something that was out of my hands! But I'm laughing at the thought. However, I will take credit for the design and color choices because that was all my doing. :-)

Ah, you should have taken credit for the way the colors fell on the pieces. It was a really interesting effect and increased the challenge. It was a good puzzle.


jranders, I don't have any control once I submit a puzzle to Jigidi. I believe that Jigidi has about 4 different cuts per puzzle size so if one is exceptionally hard, you might want to restart and hope for a cut that's better. OH, but there is one way I have a little bit of control. Making pieces in a 'squared' size (9, 16, 25, 36, 49.....) means that some puzzles will 'fit' nicely. So for instance, if I made a mosaics with 3 x 3 squares (9 altogether), and posted it as an 81 piece puzzle, 9 pieces would pretty much fit together as a small puzzle (one of the boxes).

I remember those test patterns! And yes, now they're in black and white and boring print. A lot of things were nicer many years ago.

I don't know whether you have any control over the way the puzzle pieces are cut but this was really interesting the way the colors, the design, and the pieces didn't necessarily seem to go together (that's not really what I mean but I don't know how to say what I mean). It's just that I kept getting wrong about where I though a piece belonged. If you were able to do this on purpose, you designed a deceptively tricky puzzle.

This is very reminiscent of test patterns I remember from childhood -- only much prettier. The current test announcements in my area are just white print on a black background but always come at the worst times -- and really mess up anything being recorded. Good association.


Yes, you sure are still keeping yourself busy, Mandy. :-)


and I'm still being "busy" ;))) its the best way to be!!


whatnauts, I finally paid a little attention to the message and I saw that it said the test is required ONCE a week. Well, it comes on every freakin' night...actually in the early morning hours....or at least it seems to come on every night. I'm glad you enjoyed this one. It's funny now. Every time you make a comment I glance at the number of pieces to see if you're following your own new rules. hehehe

Ms. Mandy, as of an update in the wee hours of this morning, you now have 171 top spots on my puzzles....which means that you've got more than Camelot and Franc. You have been a very busy lady. ;-)


One can NEVER have too many top spots!!! LOL


Enjoyed the puzzle very much.


I see those tests when I'm watching Jay Leno or Jimmy Fallon. Our Canadian channels don't require those annoying tests.


Mandy, I'm not giving you any tests at all. Not counting today's puzzles, you have 154 top spots on my puzzles...which is way too many. LOL

I'm glad to hear that your pixels are fine though. hehehe


Thanks for this test - all my pixels are working fine!!! We don't get such tests here - from what you say that's probably a good thing!!


What are you going to be certified in? If you do as well on the test as you do at solving puzzles speedily, you'll do just fine. You have 57 as of an update I did on all my puzzles about 4 hours ago, and I didn't count any you have today because they may disappear. But the other ones you have (the 57) should stick.

I'm so glad you enjoy my puzzles, Amy.

And yes, it's the FCC and it's not during news broadcasts. I no longer watch the news because it's too depressing.


I will fail this new test for sure!!! I have no idea how many top spots I have!! Sometimes I get one and when I go back later to check, it is all gone. oh well... :-DDD
Love doing your puzzles anyway; they are always so a wonderful mix of interesting, visually pleasing, challenging, and fun!

Yeah, I know that test, I just thought the title was funny. I have not seen one of those tests in years. Guess I am not on tv at the right time. I can remember they would come on all the time when I was a kid. They are conducted by the emergency broadcast system. I probably watch more cable than local networks. Maybe just the local networks require the tests?? I think the FCC requires them.

I am studying for a big certifcation test the end of the month. I must pass, so any time I see the word test, I guess I get a little nervous!!


Amy, you better not cheat by going back to count them! hehehe
I know how many you have and a few were on puzzles that were removed by Jigidi's darned software but they count in the final tally.


oopsie, my test isn't a good one. I only asked you how many top spots you THINK you have on my puzzles. Well, obviously even if you're wrong, it IS what you that's too easy. So reworded- how many top spots do you have on my puzzles?


Amy, isn't there a message on your tv every single night that says "This is a test. This is only a test. If you....blah blah blah"? Well, I hate the stupid test because it always interrupts programming I'm watching and it's meaningless. Somewhere in the message they mention that it's required.

They never ask you anything. OH, I know, here's a test for you. How many top spots do you think you have on my puzzles?


Hope I passed, too! I really hate tests, especially pop-quizzes! :))

I kept finding more yellow pieces, but they did not all fit together? Strange? :-)

I liked the bold colors too, and the dark blue was a very nice contrast.


Thank you, Pat! I knew it was going to be confusing as I was making it. I made a less confusing version but decided to post this one. hehehe


I guess I passed it! Love this one--such a bold graphic design, and confusing as heck to solve, but wonderful!