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90 pieces
202 solves
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Jeepers, whatnauts. I suppose I should make more of these on occasion then.


Love this basic puzzle !!!


Ardy, I forget and forgot that I should post this in 81 pieces. I've always forgotten to do that even when I used to make them all the time. It's really hit or miss. I'm glad you enjoyed it in spite of its more challenging configuration.

PJ, I figured that the gradient background made it slightly less boring. LOL


A very nice puzzle; Interesting and fun to solve. The shaded background colors added both to the visual beauty and the complexity in solving.


I like these Wendy. I knew it would be a harder solve for me because I like the 3x3's in the 81 piece format - 3 pieces square. I kept getting confused when there were more on some of these. Also knew the similar colored backgrounds would make it more challenging but that was fine. Thank you. I really did like it.